Nov 21, 2010

26 Hero Honda Splendor Pro APDV Review

Review of the world's largest selling single model in its new avatar.. the Hero Honda Splendor Pro

Hero Honda Splendor Pro Review

The humble Hero Honda Splendor has been the world’s single largest selling model since the year 2000. Without any doubt Hero Honda calls it as one of "the world's greatest achievements" (on its current Splendor+ minisite).

It was therefore surprising that Hero Honda was not putting a self start even as option on its best selling model (even lower priced model like the CD Deluxe has been available with self start) for so long.

Finally Hero Honda decides to put an electric starter as an option on the Splendor and also gets a new name, the Splendor Pro. [News Source: Splendor Pro launched]

What else is new in the Hero Honda Splendor Pro?

New graphics (obviously), new clear lens turn indicators, matt black exhaust silencer instead of the earlier one in chrome, new design speedometer console, new adjustable rear shock absorbers, a pass light and a ignition system which Hero Honda calls APDV (Advanced Pro series Digital Variable ignition system).

I decide to pay homage to this two wheeled sales wonder from India by taking it out for a test ride.


Why does every bike on the need to be sporty..??

Simple, honest and mature, that’s the Splendor Pro for you.. and I like it

The Splendor has always had pleasing and proportionate looks of a mini retro British styled motorcycle. To me it’s the only model in India (apart from the Royal Enfield models) which looks better in spoke wheels than in cast/alloy wheels.

The Splendor has looks of a simple and honest commuter. Simple straight seat, simple body panels and tank design. The chrome rear grab rail cum luggage carrier might be outdated by today’s standard but it helps the bike retain the classic styling of the bike. The speedometer on the Splendor Pro has got chrome finished dials which to me appears tacky and is the only part which did not go down well with me.

Hero Honda Splendor Pro

To summarize it, I like the Old is Gold kind of classic appeal which the Splendor’s got.

Ride Experience:

Astride the Splendor, the bike feels every bit of an honest commuter. Tall comfortable handlebars, natural position of the foot pegs and a decently padded seat (slightly slimmer than the Passion Pro).

The model which I got for test ride was the kick start only + spoke model. The performance is identical to the Passion Pro and for obvious reasons as both the engines are identical. Smooth engine with decent performance for a 97 cc bike.

Hero Honda Splendor Pro

The ride quality of its suspension is supple and comfortable. The Splendor also has a fine balance of ride quality and handling. Even with two up, the handling remains decently stable on straights and also around corners. Braking is ok for a drum brake motorcycle. Unlike the Passion Pro one sits slightly lower on the Splendor Pro which gives a sitting in the bike rather than on the bike feeling.

Splendor Pro Price and Fuel Efficiency:

The Pune on road price of the Splendor Pro is around Rs. 48,000 for the Alloy Wheel + Self Start model. That is around Rs. 4,000 more than the Passion Pro. Fuel efficiency of the Splendor Pro can be expected to be around 60-65 Kmpl under normal riding conditions.


I actually liked the Splendor Pro more than the Passion Pro. Probably because of the lower sitting position and also probably the Splendor doesn’t have an artificial attitude of trying to be a sporty bike. After all why does every bike on the need to be sporty..??

Simple, honest and mature, that’s the Splendor Pro for you.. and I like it.

Hero Honda Splendor Pro

Hero Honda Splendor Pro Technical Specifications:


Type: Air cooled, 4-Stroke single cylinder
Displacement: 97.2 cc
Maximum Power: 7.8 Ps @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 8.04 Nm @ 4500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Starting: Kick / Self Start
Ignition: Digital CDI


Clutch: Multiplate wet
Gearbox: 4 Speed constant mesh


Front: Telescopic Hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear: Swing arm with 5 step adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers

Front: 2.75 x 18
Rear: 2.75 x 18


Length x Width x Height: 1970mm x720mm x 1040mm
Ground Clearance: 159 mm
Kerb Weight: 109 Kg (Kick start) / 112 Kg (Self Start)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 11 lts


Battery: Maintenance Free, 12V 3Ah (Kick), 12V 4 Ah (Self)
Headlamp: 12V – 35W/35W – Halogen Bulb (Multi Reflector Type)

Hero Honda Splendor Pro [Photos]

Splendor Pro APDVSplendor Pro APDVSplendor Pro APDV Tail Lamp

Splendor Pro APDVSplendor Pro APDVSplendor Pro APDV

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Sankoobaba said...

switchgear shown in picture is same as twister......
fuck fuck... it has pass switch.. twister doesnt have it.... :(

this bike is strong and reliable and good backup bike .. for those frequent trips to market or railways station..

praveen said...

payeng dude hope ur hope ur mistaken, passion pro is expensive than splender pro around rs 3000 in pune. in my home state (andhra pradesh)on road price of passion pro(cast+self) is rs 54000.....

Sajal said...

A noobish question... if you are riding the bikes... then who's clicking the pictures?? ;)

Well a very professional and mature review I would say. Like the Super Splendor, the Splendor also gets the much needed upgrades.

P.S. You actually look big on the bike !!

Payeng said...

@Sankoobaba, your Twister has better on road performance.

@Praveen, the prices are approximate and just indicative for Pune

@Sajal, I usually take someone with me to click the photos, else its the showroom sales man or maybe just a passerby on the road. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice Review. Actually i have an idea in mind to ask you to test ride these two bikes with the new ingredients :).
I request you to please write a comparison review of these two(Sp Pro, Pas Pro) and Honda Shine on the view of normal commuter ride.
Bcas - Then i will decide which one i would go in the coming Jan2011. :):)

sk29 said...

I am riding a splendor for the last 10 years. It is a excellent commuter for short rides. Absolutely trouble free.

I have only 1 issue. It gives lower back pain when used over a period of time. This problem may be attributed to sitting posture, suspension, narrow seat.

Do you feel the above problem has been adressed by providing adjustable rear suspension & high profile tyres.

If not pl suggest a commuter ( preferably bikes) which provide a plush ride quality at moderate speeds.

Anonymous said...


the Discover 100 has good good ride quality. its got Nitrox suspension.

melville said...

Neat and professional review, man!
That was a good point you made on spoke and alloy wheels on Spledors and Bullets. I've always thought so...

Anonymous said...

guys,let me explain u that this is the best bike to full fill of all ur working need's,i dont have a splender but i agree on this that this is a best bike for that men who always keep runing on road's with more that in mind.....

pankaj said...

It's a good bike.stilish poweful and efordable with a few maintinance.

Ravindran said...

side indicator not working properly

suhas said...

thanks yaar aapke review se hi agle mahine mai splendor pro le raha hu, good bike

Anonymous said...

hello sir why dont you write a review on honda cb shine Kindly enlighten us all on your take on shine. Since i am planning on to buy shine your expert comments would be of immense help

IndianDrive said...

Hero Honda Splendor Pro, a simple and affordable bike for the middle class peoples. Better mileage, low maintenance cost, and a nice performing bike. It looks cool in the Black color with purple and white strips.

Anonymous said...

I am using splender pius from last 5 years it is realy a nice bike with better millage, But it give you lower Backpain due to its uncomfortable sitting system.

shambhu singh said...

It ls really a good bike with better millage, but its seating adjustment gives lower back pain.

faizyab said...

hero splendorpro is good milege bike and it is not coustly so i bought this bike next month

santosh said...

Averge, Price & if available give contact No.

Anonymous said...

Hi Payeng,

Good review. Why don't you give a shot for the bigger HH's like the CBZ extreme or the Hunk.

Anonymous said...

Splendor pro has no trip meter please provide. I am planning to purchase with in 4 months

Anonymous said...

nice bike to get ride with girl friends superb..... fk

ram biradar said...

In splendor pro bike requried digital disply

Ram biradar

Mallikarjuna said...

Thanks for your review.
On-Road price in Bangalore for May 2012 is 58,300 (Cheapest after comparing 14 Dealers) including the Smart Card, Life Time Tax & etc.

Fuel Meter is improper/bad. It never shows right qty of petrol in the tank.
Mechanic at the Dealer confirmed this is the problem with all Hero (earlier, Hero Honda) models.

I've rode Honda Activa for past 5 years, comparing to Activa, This engine makes quite some noise.

The Brake on the right foot & the foot-rest aren't ergonomically designed.
I get pain around my foot & lower leg after driving (I'm driving Splendor Pro for past 1 month & hence the observation, OR Might be I'm not yet well-versed in placing my foot properly)

Had first service & the Vehicle could clock 41 Km per litre.
Got to see, how it will work from now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

gret post, thanks alot bro:)

gulsher ali said...


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