Oct 4, 2010

8 Honda CB 250 for India..??

Looks like Honda might finally launch a 250 cc motorcycle in India soon..

TVC for a new Honda bike being shot in Thailand

Source of the above photo: TMCblog.com

At the beginning of this year DNA had reported that Honda might be launching a 250 cc motorcycle in India by Diwali (year end). There are hazzar rumours floating on the net and therefore, I decided not to pay attention to it till something more concrete emerged.

But recently there has been a few developments which has led me to believe that Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) might indeed be launching a 250 cc model in India soon.

1. Screen shot of an e-mail shared by a member of xBhp.com (Posted below)

2. Spy shots of a bike commercial being shot in Thailand (Photos posted below).

The bike definitely looks like a model inspired by the Honda CBR and the VFR range of bikes.

But the bike in these photos could also turn out as the New CBR125R/CBR150R from Honda (as the sketch posted below suggests). Before the YZF R125, the CBR125R used to be the best seller in countries like the U.K. It was manufactured in Thailand both as 125 and 150 cc avatars. The 125 cc was sold in Europe and the 150 cc was sold in the South East Asian regions.

In any case, a 250 cc model from Honda seems to be coming for India in the next couple of months.

Honda CBX 250 Twister

Honda CBX 250 Twister

The 250 cc motorcycle for India could be a model based on the very much speculated (since 2006) Brazilian model the Honda CBX 250 Twister (the current Brazilian model has got updated into a 300 cc model and got renamed as CB 300R).

Honda VTR 250

Honda VTR 250

There is also a 250 cc V-Twin model from Honda called the VTR 250. But according to me the VTR 250 has a very slim chance of entering India, just because the VTR 250 has a V-Twin engine and that would jack up the cost considerably.. pegging it close to the Ninja 250R.

And since the Ninja 250R has a full faired Super Sports wannabe looks, the VTR 250 would find it hard to justify the high price. By the way, just like the Ninja 250R, the VTR 250R is considered as a beginners/ladies bike in developed nations..!!

Who knows, the bike in the spy photos shot in Thailand could well be a single cylinder 250 cc model from Honda for India. After all beggars can't afford to be chauvinists.. can they?

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Siga said...

In Sri Lanka CBR 250 and Hornet 250 are the most famous 250 cc bikes. why don't Honda launch Hornet in India. It's a real naked monster.

Payeng said...


CBR250RR you mean..?? But that model (CBR250RR) and the Hornet 250 have been discontinued from Honda's international line up for a few years now.

Pity because they were true pocket rocket in the true sense of the term.

Anonymous said...

VTR looks too good!

Sankoobaba said...

VTR 250 looks gr8...i know its beginner bike..but then how many of us have handled 250cc + bikes anyway..except the thumpers....

Siddharth Soni said...

Beggars can't afford to be chauvinists! :) Well said. That explains it all.

Payeng said...


CBR250RR you mean..?? But that model (CBR250RR) and the Hornet 250 have been discontinued from Honda's international line up for a few years now.

Pity because they were true pocket rocket in the true sense of the term.

Anonymous said...

I am from Indonesia ... greetings, fraternal honda classic. "HONDA CB INDONESIA" do not forget to add my facebook.

DoO said...

Thumbs up for the 11th Comment! he is soO damn right!! i am from PK living in karachi ... its similar to ur city... in everything except religion and bikes :p anyway! soo telling u i am 20yrs Old! and i hav been riding since 7 yrs! the best way is to use both brakes at the same time! one has to have a complete control!

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