Oct 9, 2010

5 Hero Honda: 2010 Splendor Pro, 2010 Splendor NXG, CWG Limited Edition Passion Pro [Details/Photos]

Its raining upgraded 100 cc models from the brand which does 100 cc best..

2010 CWG Limited Edition Passion Pro:

Hero Honda has recently launched a new Limited Edition Passion Pro model to commemorate the 2010, New Delhi - Commonwealth Games.

News Source: Economic Times

Passion Pro 2010 CWG Special Edition

"The new bike has an all-white body with sporty looks, striking new dual-tone blue and green graphics inspired by the colours of the Games",

-- Anil Dua, Senior Vice President (Marketing and Sales Hero Honda) said.

The bike comes with the special XIX CWG 2010 insignia on its side cover.

The CWG 2010, Limited Edition Passion Pro costs around Rs.46,300 (ex-showroom Delhi). Which is just Rs. 1,000 over the regular, 'alloy wheel + self start' variant of the Passion Pro (Rs. 45,300).

2010 Splendor NXG:

There is no mention of this model anywhere. Even Hero Honda has not made any public comment on this model yet.

2010 Hero Honda Splendor NXG

Cosmetically there might be small changes, but specification wise there probably is no real change. But, how can I be sure that's it's a new 2010 model from Hero Honda?

Well, just look at the tail piece. "APDV" is written proudly on it. I have yet to find out what this "APDV" means, but this certainly seems to be Hero Honda's latest move in 2010 to brand its 100 cc models (discounting the CD Dawn and CD Deluxe) with the acronym "APDV".. including the new Splendor Pro..!!

2010 Splendor Pro:

Yes sir, the largest selling single model in the world, the venerable Hero Honda Splendor finally gets an upgrade.

News Source: Economic Times

Hero Honda Splendor Pro

While the model till now was called the 'Splendor+', the new model is being called the "Splendor Pro"..!!

What's new on the Splendor Pro?

Hero Honda Splendor Pro Logo
  • Electric Start (on one of the variants)

  • New design instrument pods

  • New Graphics (well of course)

The engine has been left almost untouched. The new Splendor Pro's engine still makes a faithful 7.8 PS of power now (slightly up by 0.3 Ps over the 7.5 Ps of the older Splendor+). The only significant addition in the new Splendor Pro is the Self Starter (as an optional feature).

The Splendor was the only model (apart from the entry level motorcycle, CD Dawn) from the Hero Honda stables to not feature the "Self Start" feature. Even the model below it the CD Deluxe had 'Self Start' as an optional feature.

More over with the Bajaj Discover 100 breathing down heavily on its neck with average monthly sales numbers of around 80,000-100,000, Hero Honda had no other option but to put the self starter on the Splendor.

Price:The new Splendor Pro is priced at Rs. 39,950 (Spoke-Drum-Kick Start, Ex-showroom, Delhi) and Rs. 41,950 (Spoke-Drum-Self Start, Ex-showroom, Delhi). Which means that the self start variant is Rs. 2,000 dearer than the kick start model. The Alloy + Drum + Self Start model is priced at Rs. 42,950 (Ex-Showroom Delhi).

On road Delhi prices for the Splendor Pro ranges from Rs. 46,600 (Spoke + Self Start) to Rs. 47,700 (Alloy + Self Start).

The price of the older Splendor+ (without self start) is Rs. 39,450 (Spoke-Drum-Kick Start, Ex-showroom, Delhi) and Rs. 40,450 (Alloy wheels-Drum-Kick Start, Ex-showroom, Delhi).

Hero Honda Splendor Pro Speedometer

By the way, I see no reason why the older Splendor+ should continue, and in my opinion it will most probably will stopped from production in the same way as the Passion Pro has replaced the Passion Plus (accoring to a showroom I visited, the Passion Plus has been stopped from production).

I also feel that there is a bit too much chrome on the above instrument pods.

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Cé$âr said...

To their credit, HH stickers are looking better these days

Payeng said...

@Ce$ar, I'll agree with you on that :-)

Sankoobaba said...

APDV=Advanced Paint Decals Volume
it means more paint/decals will give them more volume sales..
ha ha ha
..stickering is good...but ..more stickering..!!

Anonymous said...

What a shame. Honda must part ways from Hero group. Because a world class company cannot make these shitty paint jobs and sell as a newly launched product every other year!Look at he Hero honda website.. you will see around 9 100cc motorcycles...all have the same engine!

Cé$âr said...

To their credit, HH stickers are looking better these days

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