Sep 11, 2010

9 Mahindra Motorcyle to be launched soon..!! Teaser Video

Finally some excitement in the motorcycle scene in India after a long time.. looks like Mahindra has something special up its sleeve

Mahindra Motorycle Teaser Video Screenshot

"Tested in Italy, Coming to India", that's what the official teaser video released by Mahindra 2 Wheelers says.

The 20 odd seconds of the teaser video shows a high speed test of a bike doing rounds on a race track in Italy.

Not much off the bike can be seen in the video. But from a couple of screen shots, it seems that the bike has a radiator and upside down front forks..!!

Wow..!! Now this is seriously exciting stuff..!! If all this is true then this is something beyond my expectations from Mahindra 2 Wheelers (who are still quite new in the business of making two wheelers).

Mahindra Motorycle Teaser Video ScreenshotMahindra Motorycle Teaser Video Screenshot

The Italian connection is actually not surprising as Mahinda owns "Engines Engineering" (acquired in 2008), an Italian design firm which has earlier done work for Benelli, MV Augusta and Ducati..!!

Teaser Video of the Mahindra Motorcycle: [Video Courtesy: xBhp.Com]

By the way, Mahindra had recently signed Bollywood star Aamir Khan as the brand ambassador for its upcoming range of motorcycles. Looks like Mahindra is dead serious of making a mark with a Big Bang in the motorcycle market in India.

Hope that Mahindra doesn't launch another model instead of what has been shown in the teaser. Can't wait for the complete details of the bike. Holding my breadth with excitement.

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siddharth soni said...

And I am holding my breath too! :)

Anonymous said...

tabahi tabahi.

lessons for Hero Honda, Honda and Suzuki from a desi brand. jai hind

lava kumar said...

Really shocking and iam sure mahindra will be rocking soon .

Anonymous said...

i m waiting & just hopping for good lessons to hero honda , honda & suzuki

Anonymous said...

Hold your breath till the launch :-P Sincerely.

Ravinath said...

Extremely Happy to note that the Great Indian Giant Company Mahindra has already started building their image in Two Wheelers Segment; before their Bikes are actually Launched.

Everyone is holding their see some great things to happen in Bikes since it has happened with their Launch of DURO / RODEO/ FLYTE Launches...!!! If it is MAHINDRA 2 WHEELERS LTD. it should be definitely the products to ponder....!!!!

wishing the Launch to be a laudable success !!!!


murali chary said...

epected days 30 sep or 4 oct

murali chary said...

epected days 30 sep or 4 oct

lava kumar said...

Really shocking and iam sure mahindra will be rocking soon .

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