Sep 12, 2010

8 Mahindra "Diablo" a 300 cc Motorcycle..??

Rumors are doing rounds that Mahindra might launch a premium 300 cc Motorcycle named "Diablo"

According to Mahindra will launch its new brand of motorcycles in the next 3 to 4 weeks. According to them one would be a 125 cc model aimed at bringing in the volumes and the other a 300 cc premium offering..!!

[Listen to the video posted below at 4:25 mins]

Also according to rumors the forthcoming motorcycle from Mahindra might be named as "Diablo"..!! Which also happenns to be the suggested name for the motorcycle proposed by a winning team in one of the Business Strategy Competition, sponsored by Mahindra for Business School students.

I would say that it's a really cool name for a bike. Bring it on with full force Mahindra.

While some manufacturer's have yet to decide on catering to this 250-400 cc (affordably priced) void, looks like Mahindra might "just do it".

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GAGAN said...

"Diablo",,it would be interesting to know how these names get registered internationally..because Diablo is also a Lamborghini speedster...anyone who ever laid hands on NFS knows that!! :)

Payeng said...

Well the Name "Diablo" is right now just a rumour. The final name could well be different.

Hey, even Lamborghini was once a Tractor maker.. like Mahindra


Siddharth Soni said...

This is fantastic news. If they've taken care to launch a 300cc and if they've taken care to back it up with Italian engineering, am sure they must've taken care of the name too.

Great event in the history of Indian motorcycling... Am I too excited :)? It's palpable.

Gotta arrange for the money finally!

Siddharth Soni said...

Payeng, have written a post on my blog on your effort as seen on and its impact. The link is this:

Check it out. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

my god! if its real, then whats a big bang it will....
in just one stroke, mahindra will left the compitition behind...
most of bikers expecting a 250+ cc from honda and bautam.ajaj, but now will get the same from another trusted name. really good work mahindra. hope u will not lay down our expectations....

Payeng said...

Thanks Siddharth,

GAGAN said...

That i didnt know!!! :) Lamborghini and Mahindra both have tractor backgrounds...just a coincidence!!?? i dont know :)

GAGAN said...

That i didnt know!!! :) Lamborghini and Mahindra both have tractor backgrounds...just a coincidence!!?? i dont know :)

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