Sep 15, 2010

3 Dream Job for an Indian Biker..!! On a Mahindra Motorcycle

Go for a long ride on the soon to be launched Mahindra motorcycle.. and get paid for doing so!! Yamaha has also recently started a "SZ tour"

Did you not always fantasize to go on that long trip on your bike?

Wasn’t it always an unfulfilled dream to ride away from the crazy city traffic onto the open country side?

Don’t you still crave for a well deserved long break from the monotonous routine we know as a regular 9-5 job?

How about spreading your wings once again and roam around like a free soul?

How would it sound if I tell you that all these can be done for Free..!!

How about..
  • All your travel & lodging expenses being paid by someone else?

  • How about your fuel bills being taken care of?

  • How about getting yourself insured for this trip?

  • How about getting a NEW BIKE for this trip?

  • And to top it off.. how about getting PAID for this 6-8 weeks trip??

Sounds too crazy to be true right?

Don't believe me? Just visit to apply for this Dream Job for an Indian biker..!!

Innovative.. very innovate, I'll say. Mahindra wants to grab the attention of the motorcycle enthusiasts of India with this novel interactive campaign.

Details of the "Dream Job":

20 riders will be selected for this "Dream Job' for a period of 6-8 weeks. All expenses of the trip will be taken care off and the 20 guys will even get a "salary".

What happends to the "Dream Job" once the 6-8 weeks of road trip ends?

The 20 riders will ride their "Mahindra" bikes for the entire duration, blog, tweet and share photos of their journey with the online world.The selected riders get a paid road trip and Mahindra will in return get online publicity for it upcoming bike(s).

Full marks to Mahindra for coming up with such an innovative campaign for its upcoming range of motorcycles.

2009 India Bike RallyA similar concept by India Yamaha Motors in 2009: Yamaha IBR

Last year India Yamaha Motors, carried a similar campaign in 2009 called the "IBR: India Bike Rally" to promote its motorcycles.

A few (guy+girl) teams were selected by Yamaha to roam around on a similar road trip and shared their experiences online on "BigAdda.Com". Winners from among the couples were supposed to be selected at the end of the trip.

Touted to be India's first online reality competition, I am not very sure how successful the 2009 Yamaha IBR was as a PR exercise.

2010: Yamaha SZ Tour

This year Yamaha has just kicked off (on Sep 15'th) a "Yamaha SZ tour" in which "20 Bikers would traverse across 17 states, 67 cities in 30 days".

But this time the tour doesn't seem to be a contest and nor are these riders seems to be blogging about their experiences anywhere.

For a biker who is looking for a "Paid" adventure of a lifetime.. It's perfect! But I see just a small issue with this with this "Dream Job". What happends once the 6-8 weeks of road trip ends? Go back to the "Regular 9-5 Job" I guess.

So what say? Would you be applying for this dream job?

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Rachit said...

Yes.. its awesome.. But cannot be applied now.. its already started :)
But truly a dream job..!!
We will be starting the journey from next week

Anonymous said...

It is ON these days, one member of xBhp is also amongst the crew of those.

- LP

sam said...

i want this bike job........

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