Aug 2, 2010

1 Memorable Advertising Tag lines: Part 2

Two of the most memorable Advertising Tag lines of our Indian motorcycles..

In my previous similar post, I rated my Top 5 memorable ad tag lines for our Indian motorcycles. But soon I realized (thanks to you guys) that missed out on a couple of truly classic ad tag lines.

Posted below are two such memorable tag lines.

Royal Enfield Bullet: "Everybody makes way for the Bullet"

In India the Royal Enfield bullet is regarded a true man’s bike, a symbol of machismo. The macho image is further enhanced by the thump of its exhaust note.

Royal Enfield Bullet Print Ad

The instinctive reaction to that approaching thumping beat from behind, makes almost every one else on the road get aside to make way for the "Raja Gaddi".

Royal Enfield couldn’t have managed to communicate it better. Kudos!

Bajaj Avenger 180 DTS-i: "Feel like God"

Thank God Bajaj never went ahead and tried to position the Avenger as a macho motorcycle, coz believe me it is not. The Kawasaki Eliminator derived Avenger 180 was (is) just a small capacity motorcycle which was (is) styled in true classic cruiser style.

Bajaj Avenger Feel Like God Print Ad

The Avenger was portrayed as a relaxed motorcycle for someone who is ready to forget and forgive the daily grind of life. Plus the classy TV Commercial of the Avenger made the tag line a truly memorable one.

Thanks guys.. for reminding me the above two memorable tag lines.

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Sajal said...

Feel like God was really very original and one can relate to easily. Even I, when get through a whacking day in the office, take a long route en-route home to get the hang of the spin!! Even on a completely different motorcycle, the feelings are comparable.

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