Aug 22, 2010

7 KTM 125, Photo/Video of the Road Version

First look at the actual Road version of the KTM 125 under development!

KTM has very recently released a teaser video of its 125 cc street bike on it's Facebook Fanpage. This bike is being developed for primarily the European market, targetted at the learners market.

Hope the cubic capacity is increased and priced appropriately.. for India

KTM had earlier shown two "concepts" based on same platform in the 2009 Milan Motorcycle Show. But for the first time the actual street version of the 125 cc bike can be seen in the new teaser video.

The bike is yet to be named officially. From the video shots the bike appears very much in the Street fighter mould with traces of Supermoto bikes as well. In short its a typical KTM design. Edgy, in your face and distinctive.

The unpainted (and still under final stages of development) bike in fact looks like a younger brother of the KTM Super Duke 990.

A la "KTM Baby Duke"..!!

With the Fat Upside down front forks, Beefy Swing arm, Trellis frame, Liquid cooled/4-Valve/DOHC (15 Ps) Engine.. the bike looks fully decked up to the hilt. And mind you, its not just the "Plastic Muscles" that the bike seems to be flaunting. The bike looks quite light and athletic and definitely appears like a lot of fun.

The teaser video shows the bike going through the different stages of testing. It looks like that "Baby Duke" is really shaping up quite well.

Manufactured in India:

For those who are yet not aware, this "Baby Duke" will be manufactured at Chakan, Pune by our very own Bajaj Auto Ltd., who also happen to own 36% (currently) in KTM. The bike will be made in India and exported to the world.

This bike is expected to make its European debut in early 2011. After that it is hoped that the bike would be available at the Probiking showrooms in India..!!

I only have one wish. Hope that the cubic capacity is increased and priced appropriately.. for India. In that case it would be perfect for someone like me.


Enjoy the teaser video of the KTM 125 in HD posted below.

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Sajal said...

the bike definitely hold ooooodles of promise!!

Sunil said...

this bike will show what a poser bike the yamaha fz is. the yamaha fz is just puffed up with hollow plastic

Anonymous said...

but why the pic is black and not ready to race orange!

GAGAN said...

aren't we expecting too much from a 125 grade!!?? :)

Siddharth Soni said...

am comparing the videos and making my inferences here :). this is definitely much better than HUNK! :) :)

thanks for the updates Payeng

Sajal said...

Bro.... a 125cc with 15ps, single cylinder, fuel injected, 4 valve, DOHC configuration, can blow the daylights out of any 150cc currently available in the country. Add to that the sweet chassis and handling!!

But I have this feeling that given the Indian market sentiments, if Bajaj decides to launch this bike in India, it would be in capacities much more than 125cc with adequate price tag!! Then the fun would actually begin ;)

Akash said...

I agree with Sajal. Let it remain a 125cc bike. Just needs to be priced right. Price around the FZ series of Yamaha would make it a steal.

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