Aug 21, 2010

4 CB Unicorn Dazzler and FZ-16 morphs into Mega Pro & Byson in Indonesia..!!

The Honda CB Dazzler and the Yamaha FZ-16 appears in Indonesia under different names

The rounded 120 section (compared to the 140 section on the FZ) rear tyre on the Byson should help in the fuel efficiency dept..

Both the Indonesian models feature "Kick Start Lever", something which has been done away with on the Indian models

The ones who keep themselves abreast with information on motorcycles will probably know that the Yamaha R15 sold in India is originally based on an Indonesia model called the V-ixion.

What might surprise a few is that the V-ixion is actually not the first model which owes its origin to the world's largest archipelago. The Hero Honda CBZ launched in the 1998's in India was actually based on two Honda models from Indonesia. The engine was borrowed from a model called the Mega Pro and the styling was borrowed from another Honda model called the Tiger.

But it seems that its time India returned back the favor to Indonesia (the 3'rd larest 2 wheeler market after China and India).

Just a couple of days back Honda Indonesia and Yamaha Indonesia both have launched their 150 cc models, the CB Unicorn Dazzler and the FZ-16 respectively in Indonesia. The CB Unicorn Dazzler has been named as the "New Mega Pro" and the Yamaha FZ-16 as the "Byson"..!!

2010 New Mega Pro

2010 New Honda Mega Pro:

2010 New Mega Pro

Styling and Specs wise the Dazzler is virtually the same CB Unicorn Dazzler sold in India. The difference between the Indian and the Indonesian versions is a little bit in the stickers. The Indonesian Mega Pro also feature "Kick Start" (absent on the Indian Dazzler) apart from the Self Start.

The Indonesia Mega Pro comes in two variants. One with alloy wheels and a rear disc brake and another in spoke wheels and a rear drum brake.

Price: The two variants of the Mega Pro have been priced at 19.5 & 18.3 million Indonesian Rupiahs (around Rs. 94,000 and Rs. 88,000)

Yamaha Byson:


The 'Lord of the Streets' has become the 'Byson' in Indonesia. The name "Byson" obviously have been inspired from the wild "Bison".

The styling of the Byson is the same as the Indian FZ. Even the technical specs are not too different from the Indian FZ.

Yamaha Byson

One of the major difference with the Indian FZ-16 is the presence of a rather ungainly kick lever (absent on the FZ in India) on the Byson.

Yamaha Byson

The other difference is the rear tyre size of the Byson which is a 120 section one. The Indian Yamaha FZ-16 sports a rather flat shaped 140 section radial tyre. The shape of the rear tyre of the Byson is also rounder in shape compared to the flatter 140 section on the Indian FZ.

The Yamaha FZ doesn't have the best reputation for fuel efficiency among 150 cc bikes in India. The culprit could well be the broad contact patch of the wide tyre of the FZ.

Yamaha Byson

The rounded 120 section rear tyre on the Byson should help in the fuel efficiency dept. Maybe Yamaha India can look at this for the Indian FZ-16/S/Fazer as well.

Price: The Yamaha Byson has been priced bang on with the Mega Pro, it has been priced at 19.9 million Indonesian Rupiahs (around Rs. 94,000-95,000).

Yamaha Byson Technical Specifications:

Yamaha Byson Specs

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Sajal said...

Looks like Yamaha is going Hero Honda way for inspiration in Indonesia!! The rear rounder 120 section tire is a good move though!!

Gondes'z said...

kalo di bandingkan antara byson dngn vixion, lebaik pilih mana ya,,?
di pilih dari segi kemampuan,gaya,dan kantong..?

Gondes'z said...

kalo di bandingkan antara byson dngn vixion, lebaik pilih mana ya,,?
di pilih dari segi kemampuan,gaya,dan kantong..?

Galih said...

previous comments are in Indonesian language, so I may translate it for you:

"compared in performance, style, and value for money between Byson (FZ-16) and Vixion (naked version of R15 in India), which is the better one?"

for me, I prefer India's R15 :)

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