Jul 22, 2010

3 TVS Apache RTR Upgrade coming soon

TVS Apache RTR Upgrades to be launched soon..

According to recent discussion at xBhp.com, TVS is preparing upgrades for its Apache RTR series of bikes. Probably code named as "Hyper edge", the upgrades are slated for a (probable) September 2010 launch.

One of the members of xBhp.Com got in touch with a manager from TVS. Not much information has been communicated back, just the following are known about the upgrade so far.

    1. Some kind of upgrade is definitely planned for the Apache RTR series

    2. The launch would be in a couple of months time

    3. Details about performance increase or engine / specification changes haven't been made public so far

    4. On quizzed about styling: "Will this varient of Apache also focus on the style seekers?", the following answer was given:

    "No, RTR brand is focussed for ONLY PERFORMANCE ENTHUSIASTS. But it'll have contemporary Stylish accents to make it look Race Sporty"

Looks like the Apache RTR series of bikes are due for an upgrade, probably in the Pulsar UGIV mould. It's actually about time that the TVS Apache RTR got an upgrade too.

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Siddharth Soni said...


Is TVS trying to make news... for this 'upgrade' definitely doesn't sound news! Looks like 'looks' again takes a back-seat at TVS.

They'll continue to languish behind Hero Honda and Bajaj in numbers. They'll continue to languish behind Yamaha in image.

These guys need a break I must say. Or some training :).

pegu said...

instead of going for this kinda upgrade,why TVS does'nt for a bigger sporty.

pegu said...

instead of going for this kinda upgrade,why TVS does'nt for a bigger sporty.

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