Jul 15, 2010

2 Pulsar 135LS TV Advertisement (Shot in Indonesia?)

New TV Ad of the Pulsar 135LS has appeared.. the backdrop of the Ad looks very Indonesian. The tradition of excellent TV Ads for the Pulsar continues..

Selamat Datang (which means "Greetings" in Indonesian) Indonesia..!! The Pulsar 135LS seems to be saying just that every time.

Pulsar 135LS Ad

First it was the redesigned and sporty split rear fender for Indonesia.. and now it seems that the TV Ad for the Pulsar 135LS has been shot keeping in mind the booming Indonesian two wheeler market.

Take a look at the TV Ad posted below, the backdrop of the TV Commercial looks straight out of a street in Indonesia.

If this link is to be believed, this as was indeed shot in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Posted below are two versions of the Ad:

[1] For India [2] For Indonesia.

What's the difference? Find it out yourself..

This is not the first time that a TV Ad for the Pulsar has been shot in a foreign country. Previously the Pulsar 200 DTS-i "Freebiking" ad was shot in Cuba and the mindblowing "Pulsar Mania" was shot in in the foreign locales of South Africa.

This particular advertisement is a departure from the earlier Pulsar Ads which used to depict aggression. The treatment this time to the Pulsar 135LS is more of having "fun" and a good time on the "Light Sport" bike.

How did you like the TV advertisement/commercial ?

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Sajal said...

Sweet!! really looks a lot like the Pulsar 200 Free biking ad :)

Anonymous said...

For the India's version, the change was the last video segment cut, when the biker take off the helmet. It shot more far than the Indonesian one, which is a close up. The police number is still Indonesian's in Indian one.

But... as an Indonesian, i would say this motorcycle ad is VERY COOL! Its so not "Indonesian" way of tv ad, because the addition of cultures. :D
(yeah i wonder why less "modern" ad with touch of rural-life culture here...)

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