Jul 22, 2010

19 Marriage, Motorcycles and Blogging do not mix well

Marriage and Motorcycles do not mix..

Before I got married, I definitely had this premonition, and after 2 years of conjugal life, it has sadly come true (at least in my case).

Before marriage

Mine was a long distance relationship; therefore prior to marriage I never got the opportunity to test out whether my wife could also share my enthusiasm for motorcycles.

Like most people, even I had this romantic image of a Boyfriend and Girlfriend duo riding into the sunset of a motorcycle. Maybe the romantic image is not just an illusion created by motorcycle manufacturers; maybe young couples do enjoy riding on a motorcycle as it gives them the freedom to be close to each other without offending the moral police.

But like I said, I never got the opportunity to take my better half out for a motorcycle ride before our marriage.

After marriage

I am not saying that the romance disappears post marriage. But when you start living 24/7/365 with your better half, you soon realize that there are much more to a married life than riding into the sunset.

You either need to buy the monthly groceries, or need to go to a shopping trip and return with shopping bags or need to entertain the family friends/relatives.. so on and so forth.

My wife has already started nagging for a car and I have also decided to get one very soon in a couple of months. In fact, I feel guilty for not being able to get one right after my marriage (Dowry..?? Don’t even get that idea, it’s a strict No.. No.. for me).

But amidst all this, my plan of getting the Kawasaki Ninja 250R has been almost dashed. In fact I am also planning to sell off my current Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi to finance the car purchase.

But my better half understands my attachment and enthusiasm for motorcycles, and I am sure that she would understand when one fine day I finally will get my favorite set of 2 wheels. Till then, this blog should keep my enthusiasm alive for motorcycles.

But, even then..

Balancing Blogging & Marriage is a tough task

The married ones would definitely sympathize with me that after marriage, setting aside some quality time just for your "selfish" self is almost impossible.

There is always some bill to pay, some things to buy, some friends/relatives to visit (or some friends/relatives visiting), some good movie to see etc.

Not to mention to finish the assignment that boss wants’ you to deliver before the weekend.

And the best part about all this is that, this is the current status even when the little ones haven’t arrived and also when you are still not that high up on the corporate ladder.

Maintaining a blog with regular, periodic posts requires a lot of time and commitment. To publish a single original blog post, it takes on an average of 3-4 hours.

    1. First I need to think/dream about motorcycles all the time and keep myself updated with what’s happening in the world of Indian two wheelers (which actually comes without any effort to me).

    2. Second I need to type the thoughts into words and structure it in the simplest way to make it easily readable.

    3. Third I need to support most posts with relevant pictures so that the posts are not monotonous, easy to the eye and presentable.

    4. Fourth, I need to provide the supporting links of the news sources, if any.

    5. Fifth, I need to check the posts for corrections.

Reading through the post might just take someone 2-3 minutes, but to publish one takes 3-4 hours out of my married life. I am certainly not thinking to quit updating this online motorcycle dairy of mine, but in future the frequency of posts would certainly come down.


The status quo right now for me is that managing "Marriage, Motorcycles and Blogging" is taking quite an effort.

Just wish me luck that I become better at time management and also become financially capable to finance a car loan, a house loan, start saving for my retirement and also get an exciting 250 (+) cc motorcycle for myself.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you all the luck, and I wish you will also publish marriage, children(family), motorcycles and blogging along the way.


Sankoobaba said...

ohh.... man ! dont sell your bike.. ..
i know how much life becomes busy with GF..so clearly wife is sure to be bigger responsibility..and time consuming one.. family, etc..
still do blog once in a while... and ride a bike.... dont sell it.. or ur biking mentality will go .. so to keep ur road awareness sharp..ride a bike.. trust me...best wishes for everything.. and let us know which cage(car) u buy..

dhiren said...

those were some inspiring cum warning words.

Anonymous said...

what could you have done for your blog in satisfying your visitors? nothing my indian brother. you have been doing so much in making me closer to bikes, something I have missed out several years ago. now I have some enthusiasm and keep me informed of the latest news of bike, and one thing for sure is you have made me make a dream machine, just like yours with different machine and model, and the same brand, of course, though. way to go bro...

GAGAN said...

i can totally understand that man!!how do i understand that?..well isn't it quite obvious by when did i last updated my blog!!!? :D
but it is commendable how you actually manage to squeeze in those test rides every once in a while...i just dont find time for anything like that. I have a long due, VW and chevrolet showroom visits pending..just dont have time for them :(

Payeng said...


thanks for understanding.. I am definitely not quitting blogging, just that the frequency of posting might come down.

The car (or Cage :-) ) might temporarily spoil my biking ambitions for sometime, but I am sure that very soon I will definitely get my dream set of two wheels.

Sajal said...

remember that day when we had dinner together, when we test rode bikes together, when we discussed the same thing you wrote in this post..... and till today, when we talk we say.... what about your dream bike ;)
Car (or Cage ;)) definitely becomes an object of requirement post marriage and as the family grows you would realize that it's a required investment.
But like the spider who tries to create it's web and fails many times but finally creates it's web, we would definitely be realising our dreams one day, one day we will bring home the bikes we have always dreamt of.... the passion is to precious to be sacrificed on responsibility

@Gagan, Dooooood!!! a lot of movies have release after Invictius ;)

GAGAN said...

@Sajal: yea...lots of them have gone by..seen quite a few of them on first fridays....most of them have been very interesting....but the way i have set the priorities (which i think have been finally set right), blogging takes the back seat, and automobiles...not sure..there are far more important things to take care first. wheels..can definitely wait!!again..those are my priorities and i hope you guys manage to keep the passion going :)
just a basic correction ..a car/bike is anything but an investment :) it doesnt return anything :)..practically speaking!!

Veerendra Giddaluru said...

Yup buddy, marriage does demand a lot of time.. in fact all of it and more :), but that's what we get signed up for, when we get married!! This is one of the blogs that I browse regularly for updates, and I'm sure you will keep going for a long time to come. Happy blogging!!

Saad Khan said...

Payeng, I really liked this article. I am exactly like you just that I am yet to get married. Nonetheless, all the best for your would-be car :)


Payeng said...

Thanks Veerendra and Saad.

Gary said...

hi payeng...still remember me...gary from jakarta...hahahaha
marriage is about a thing that you need to balance...:D
after you fine a nice tune balance, you will be able to manage it...:D
i am sure you will find the tune and the balance...:D
btw, i sold my pulsar 200 and in plan to purchase the 250 Kawi....:D

Payeng said...

Hi Gary, its nice to hear from you after a long time. Great to hear that you are going for the Ninja 250R.

Check your mail box, I have sent you an e-mail

Gary said...

hi payeng...still remember me...gary from jakarta...hahahaha
marriage is about a thing that you need to balance...:D
after you fine a nice tune balance, you will be able to manage it...:D
i am sure you will find the tune and the balance...:D
btw, i sold my pulsar 200 and in plan to purchase the 250 Kawi....:D

Saad Khan said...

Payeng, I really liked this article. I am exactly like you just that I am yet to get married. Nonetheless, all the best for your would-be car :)


Rajyavardhan Mishra said...

you'll do good...m sure...
just dnt stop following ur passion...
all the best

Anonymous said...

does your wife ever been jealous to your P220 bro..?

Well..in that case, let me share an experience. I will write it here so that my wife can't read it in my blog.. :)

I always put a backseat cover on my Ninja 250. This means there is no pillions allowed.

If I change that backseat cover and go for a ride, and my wife realize it, she will ask me with a face filled with prejudice.. "Do you have a plan to bring another girl for a ride..?


So..I just keep this cover with me all the time. But to be honest, I always prefer to ride alone. but my wife seems just don't care about these romantism between me and my bike.

prathiananya said...

Nice ....




Debadatta Biswal said...

I wish that "Tumhari JODI hamesha banee rahey" - (Fevicol Ki Jod ki Tarah, jo Tode se bhi na tutey - Between YOU and Your Beloved Bike)

I know & I can feel about this special relation

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