Jun 13, 2010

3 May 2010, 2 Wheeler Sales in India

May 2010 sales numbers of our Indian 2 wheeler manufacturers.. May 2010 "motorcycles" sales have also been shown..


1. In may 2010, Hero Honda has posted its highest ever sales numbers in its history

2. (Bajaj) Pulsar sales (75,974 units) is more than the "domestic motorcycle" sales of either HMSI, TVS, Yamaha or Suzuki

3. In terms of "domestic motorcycle" sales, HMSI is ahead of TVS Motor

2 Wheeler Sales May 2010, India


1. Total May 2010 sales for HMSI has not been made public so far. The domestic numbers have been shown in the above graph as total sales. The HMSI May 2010 export numbers might not be included as shown in the above graph.

2. The monthly sales figures include domestic sales as well as exports. Also it includes sales of all types of 2 wheelers (Motorcycles, Scooters, Mopeds etc.)

Hero Honda sold 435,933 units in May 2010 (Up by 14% over last year)

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Hero HondaThe country's largest two-wheeler maker Hero Honda today reported its highest monthly sales ever at 435,933 units in May, registering 13.92 per cent increase over the same month last year.

In a statement, Hero Honda said that it had sold 382,678 units in May last year. The previous highest monthly sales record at 415,137 units was set in August 2009, the statement said.

Bajaj Auto sold 269,488 units of two-wheelers in May 2010 (Up by 63% over last year)

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Bajaj Auto Ltd.It’s (Bajaj Auto’s) motorcycle sales in May this year (2010) jumped by 63.28 per cent to 2,69,488 units from 1,65,049 units in the year-ago (2009) period.

BAL attributed the growth in bike sales to its Pulsar and Discover range of motorcycles, which sold 75,974 units and 1,07,076 units, respectively, last month.

The company’s exports in May surged by 63.53 per cent at 95,964 units as against 58,682 units in the corresponding month of 2009, it said.

TVS Motor sold 154,667 units of two-wheelers in May 2010 (Up by 30% over last year)

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TVS MotorsChennai-based TVS Motor Company today reported a 30.44 per cent increase in two-wheeler sales in May to 1,54,667 units on the back of good growth across all segments.

The company had sold 1,18,574 units in the corresponding month last year, TVS Motor Company said in a statement. Motorcycle sales last month rose 26.94 per cent to 67,906 units from 53,495 units in the year-ago period, it added.

Two-wheeler sales in the domestic market in May stood at 1,36,621 units, up 27.16 per cent, over 1,07,439 units in the same month in 2009.

The company said its exports in May surged 62.07 per cent to 18,046 units against 11,135 units in May 2009.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has sold 132,090 (scooters + motorcycles) units of two-wheelers in May 2010

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Honda Motorcycles and Scooters IndiaDomestic Motorcycle sales of Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) jumped 52.24% to 55,110 units..

HMSI’s scooter sales increased 28.03% at 76,980 units.

Note: May 2010 for HMSI has been assumed as scooter + motorcycle (domestic) sales = 132,090 for May 2010. May 2009 figures have been back calculated using the % increase numbers given for 2010.

The HMSI May 2010 export numbers might not be included here.

Yamaha India sold 25,033 units of two-wheelers in May 2010 (Up by 17% over last year)

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Yamaha IndiaTwo-wheeler manufacturer India Yamaha Motor today reported a 17.04 per cent increase in its May sales, at 25,033 units.

The company had sold 21,388 units in the same month last year, it said in a statement.

Domestic sales of the company rose by 3.91 per cent to 17,614 units in May, from 16,952 units in the same month of 2009, it added.

During the last month, the company exported 7,419 units against 4,436 units in the year-ago period, a jump of 67.25 per cent.

Suzuki Motorcycle India has sold 21,714 units of two-wheelers in May 2010 (Up by 72% over last year)

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Suzuki Motorcycle IndiaSuzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation, registered an increase in their monthly sales figures.
Suzuki Motorcycles has sold 21,714 units in May ’10 as opposed to 12,590 in May 2009, listing an impressive growth of 72% over its sales in May ‘09.

This increase of sales is attributed to the tremendous response from the new product GS150R and ACCESS 125, the scooter from the house of Suzuki Motorcycles.

I know sales numbers are boring, but any Comments..??

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