Jun 9, 2010

4 Hero Honda & TVS lead TV Ad spendings in 2009

TV Ad spendings of our bike makers in 2009

I always interested to know how our two wheeler manufacturers invested in terms of TV Advertisements. The other day I happened to come across the following data about the 2009 TV Advertisements by our two wheeler manufacturers.

Posted below are data as reported by Hindu Business Line:

According to this news article, the price for a 10 second ad spot for an IPL match in 2010 was roughly about 5 lakhs..!!

Ok, the Ad rates during the IPL season would definitely be sky high. But even during normal period, just imagine what a month long campaign of showing a particular TV Ad, 10 times a day, spread across 10 TV channels would cost.

TV Advertisements are a necessary evil, specially for new product launches. But then the important question for every manufacturer would be, how effective are these expensive TV Ads in promoting a new product?

A failure to make an impression on the customers mind amounts to a huge wastage of money. Which of the below posted TV Ads do you think was successful in making an impact, and which ones failed to make an impact?

News source: Hindu Business Line
The largest domestic two-wheeler company in volumes, Hero Honda, led overall with a 41 per cent share among two-wheeler TV advertisements.

Incidentally, Hero Honda has maintained its position as the largest advertiser in the auto industry for two years in a row (2008 and 2009).

Among the other companies, TVS Motor Company had a 27 per cent share in TV advertising, while Bajaj Auto had a 13 per cent share and Yamaha Motor and Mahindra had a 9 and 4 per cent share each.

Among new two-wheeler brands advertised in 2009, TVS Apache RTR 180 led, followed by TVS Scooty Streak, Hero Honda Karizma ZMR, Bajaj XCD 135 DTS-Si, TVS Flame SR 125, Hero Honda Passion Pro and Suzuki GS150R – in that particular order.

Celebrity ratings

Hrithik Roshan, brand ambassador for Hero Honda, was the top celebrity endorser among two-wheeler brands with a 59 per cent share.

He was followed by Priyanka Chopra (20 per cent), M S Dhoni (10 per cent), Sania Mirza (8 per cent) and John Abraham (3 per cent)


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Akash said...

The TVS RTR 180 ad was big waste according to me.

It was showed everywhere on alomst every channel, but how many RTR 180 do you see on the road? hardly any.

the huge spending of TVS on the RTR 180 has not been justified by its dismal sale

the second would be the Bajaj XCD 135. after spending so much on the TV ads, the product was finally stopped. utter waste of money

Akash said...

and oh yes, also the TVS Flame sr 125. hardly any seen on the roads and so much money spent on the TV ads

Shaiju B said...

As far as the sales figures are considered I thinks its GS150R and Passion Pro made an impact. The biggest flop is the Bajaj XCD135 followed by the Flame.

I like the ad of RTR 180. Seeing the ad itself I got a feeling that its a high performance machine. TVS was able to send the message through the ad.

Payeng said...


I think TVS wanted to project the RTR 180 as a bike developed from their Racing Experience. But the TV Ad was about "Why do I race, its hard to say"..

according to me, the Ad should have been, "The RTR 180 has been developed out of the rich experience of TVS in Racing".

Anyway had the RTR 180 looked somewhat differentiated from the RTR 160, probably we would have seen much more of them on our roads.. maybe without the Ad as well.

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