May 10, 2010

8 Discover 150 DTS-i launched.. at a Shocking Price

Bajaj launches a new 150 cc variant of the Discover family

Just as stated by Mr. Rajeev Bajaj a few weeks earlier, Bajaj Auto has launched a 150 cc variant of the Discover platform of motorcycle. This new variant carries forward the same Discover family looks. The new launch is definitely nothing much for the enthusiats to look forward to, but it surely is one more option for the average commuting biker.

Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-iPhoto Credit: Motoroids

Discover 150 DTS-i: USP

1. Price

2. Torque (pulling ability) which is equal to the Pulsar 150 but with 22 kgs less kerb weight

The positive take away from this (and also the Pulsar 135LS) is that Bajaj has started to think and act "Light"!

So what's new?

  • Apart from alloy wheels and a self start, the Discover 150 DTS-i also gets a front Disc brake as a standard feature

  • A new 144.8 cc DTS-i engine, and

  • A shocking price tag of Rs. 46,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Most of the sites/blogs who have also carried this news have missed the point that this is an extremely enticing price for a person looking for a commuter motorcycle in India. Just compare the following prices with the new Discover 150's price.

  • Hero Honda Passion Pro: 100 cc (Self-Drum-Alloy) Rs. 45,000 (approx. Ex-showroom Delhi price of the earlier variant)

  • Honda CB Shine: 125 cc (Self-Disc-Alloy) Rs. 50,787 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

  • Honda CB Unicorn: 150 cc(Self-Disc-Alloy) Rs. 59,294 (Ex-showroom Delhi)

Actually even the Discover 135 DTS-i had an ex-showroom (Delhi) price of around Rs. 50,000 for the (Self-Disc-Alloy variant). According to motoroids, with the arrival of the Discover 150, the Discover 135 is probably going to be ceased.

Which actually is not bad a deal, since apart from a lower price tag, the new Discover 150 also gets a 5 speed gearbox which was missing on the Discover 135. But sadly the Digital speedometer of the Discover 135 has been replaced by analog clocks.

The claimed mileage for the Discover 150 is 65 Kmpl.

Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i Speedometer

Looks: From the looks point of view, there is not much of a change than the current Discover platform. The bike seems to be based on the current Discover 100 platform and not on the Pulsar 150 or the older Discover 135 platform.

Even the frame and the engine block look similar to the 100 cc Discover DTS-Si model. The Discover 150 also get the same type of LED tail lights as the Discover DTS-Si.

The lack of differentiation in stying might dissappoit a few but then hey.. just look at the price tag..!!

My Opinion: There might not be much new in terms of looks for the Discover 150 DTS-i, but just glimpse at the peak Torque figure (12.75 NM), which is greater than the Pulsar 135LS and almost equal to the peak torque of the Pulsar 150.. the same time the Discover 150 weighs a whopping 22 Kgs lesser than the Pulsar 150..!! The positive take away from this (and also the Pulsar 135LS) for an enthusiast is that Bajaj has stated to think and act "Light".

Lastly, thank God the Discover 150 did not get the ungainly tank integrated turn indicators from the Discover 135.

Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i Tail Light

Discover 150 DTS-i: Technical Specifications


Engine Type: DTS-I, 4 Stroke, Natural air cooled
Displacement: 144.8 cc
Max. Net Power: 13.0 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max. Net Torque: 12.75 Nm @ 5500 rpm

Front: Telescopic, Wheel travel 130 mm stroke
Rear: Nitrox, Wheel travel 110 mm wheel travel
Brakes Front: 240 mm Disc Brake
Brakes Rear: 130 mm Drum Brake

Tyres & Wheels

Front: 2.75*17”
Rear: 100/90*17”

Fuel Tank

Capacity: 8 litres Full
Reserve 2.3 litres, Usable reserve 1.5 litres

Dimension & Weight

Wheelbase: 1305 mm
Ground Clearance: 165 mm
Kerb Weight: 121 Kg


Battery: Maintenance Free, 12 V , 7 Ah
Headlamp 35/35 W
Tail lamp LED Type

Tech Specs Source: Zigwheels

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Sajal said...

Looks like Bajaj is going the Microsoft way.... Kill the competition so that it can not even germinate!! I mean 45k ex-showroom for 150cc (more appropriately 146cc) bike is a loot!!

22 kg lesser weight than the Pulsar 150 means that the Dico 150's gonna zip past the P150 at will!! Not a very exciting package for enthusiasts but as you said "Hey.... look at the price tag!!" ;)

Akash said...

Great going for the commuters but I seriously hope the next generation (definitely 4 valve) Pulsars will blow entire Indian bikes to smithereens

Sankoobaba said...

I hope this model sells well...even I would have preferred at least a little bit styling change.. but its an affordable option for many wanting a 150CC bike with good mileage and comfort..

Gautam said...

I dont like it! Tooo many discovers around the corner. 100, 125, 135, & now 150? Whats next? Discover 115.5, Discover 123.7? Discover 139.3? Just like mashrooms in rainy days. If I buy a discover today, next day I found it gonna old and new version errupted!
Seems bajaj has lost the focus oriented strategy.
(Original XCD was 125 cc, and Newer version of XCD135 doesnt do well as original one. People not always likes v1, v2 and v3s. This is Current History.)

Payeng said...

@Sajal, the Discover 150 with its Torque coming at low rpms should definitely be zippy initially.. but post that the extra Power on the Pulsars would come into play.


The XCD brand is history. Mr. Rajeev Bajaj has made public that Bajaj Auto will develop and grow two brands in India i.e the Discover (for the Commuter) and the Pulsar (for enthusiasts). The Discover 135 has been stopped.

Presently the Discover range has the 100 cc and the 150 cc Discover.
The Pulsar range has the 135, 150, 180 and 220.

I actually see present line up making sense.

Anonymous said...

Bajaj could have priced it a bit higher.. I mean there is no need to price it that low. But, may be they are trying to go for kill. Price tag should compensate for any thing that's missing on this bike. So, let's say bye bye disco 135 and welcome to 4-valve pulsars?? Just can't wait for 4-valve pulsar lineup..

Anonymous said...

Of course price has been set on lower because bajaj is not producing any specific new part in this bike....they have just get from there own definitely price will be low...

shusil said...

thank god,Discover 150 will be never second.I think it will get a good response from it's user's.there is no point in buying another.I'm intending to buy it sometime later. thank you Bajaj..

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