Apr 20, 2010

2 Yamaha plans to make India global hub for premium bikes (Err.. what kind of Premium Bikes..??)

Yamaha plans to make India global hub for premium bikes.. says recent news reports.

Great news..!! Right..?? So are we going to see 600-1000 cc bikes being manufactured and exported from India..?? If yes, then these exotic bikes could be priced at least half of what the current CBU (Completely built Units) imports cost in Indian rupees.

Please tell me that Yamaha India would manufacturer bikes like the XJ6 series in India..!!

After all Kawasaki manufacturer's the Ninja 250R and ER6N, ER6F (also called the Ninja 650R in some markets) in Thailand and exports them all over the globe. Yamaha India could very well utilize India as a low cost manufacturing destination.

But please don't jump to conclusions so early. The news reports does not give hint of any (250-600-1000) cc bike that might be headed for India to be manufacturer here.

Take a look at the excerpt of the news article that has appeared in Economictimes.Com

The focus on selling high-end bikes in the 150cc category and above has worked well for Yamaha.

This year, the company has gained a 12% share of the $8-million two-wheeler market, up from a share of 5% in 2006. Now, the company targets to increase its share in the premium and deluxe segment to 20% by 2010-end.

“This segment is very crucial for us, as currently it is the main growth driver for our company,” said Mr Dubey (national business head of India Yamaha Motor)

Well, if the news article is about Yamaha India exporting its "Premium" R15 and FZ16 to countries like Colombia, it was already posted in my blog a few weeks back.

Tell me something new please..!!

Please tell me that Yamaha India would manufacturer bikes like the YZF R125 and XJ6 series of bikes in India and export them to the world..!!

Yamaha XJ6 Series (600 cc) of motorcycles:

Yamaha XJ6 Naked
Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F

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GAGAN said...

Honda City and Honda Accord is what i used to think actually stands for premium and deluxe!!
and in bikes: R15 and FZ16???!!!what the hell i was thinking all this while!!??

Sajal said...

Really it's too early to even guess anything!!

@Gagan - Dude really, the way the major Jap Giants have treated India.... really makes me thing think about the premises of their Bike-Rider-Feel philosophy

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