Apr 10, 2010

2 New Discover to be launched April (end) 2010

New Bajaj Discover to be launched by April 2010 end (and no, this is not a speculation)..

"We have a new Discover scheduled for launch in the end of this month". That’s what Bajaj auto’s MD Mr. Rajeev Bajaj has stated in a recent interview to CNBC (MoneyControl.Com).

The Discover brand has been around for about half a decade and has been a strong brand for Bajaj. I always had the opinion that the Discover was an honest commuter (like the Hero Honda Splendor) with no sporty pretentions. That’s probably the reason for its recent success in the form of the 100 cc Discover DTS-Si.

Bajaj Discover DTS-Si

Bajaj Discover DTS-Si (100 cc)

Stating further on the new Discover, Mr. Bajaj further said:

    The current Discover we have is a 100 cc, very fuel efficient motorcycle. We think there are some commuters there who appreciate that but would like little more power, little more torque either because they need to move quickly in city traffics such as Delhi or in the more suburban areas the people that sit on the motorcycle are bigger or they carrying some load with it. So they would appreciate something that’s bigger and more torque. We do not have anything like that.

    I do not see anything like that in the market place not necessarily in terms of the product aspect but in terms of a brand. So from very strong brand position of a discover if we present consumers with something that has of that values but offers a lot more in terms of torque and carrying capacity.

But what about the current 135 c.c Discover then? Maybe that’s the one (the new Discover) that is getting an upgrade along with better Torque by this month end.

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Sajal said...

If the Discover 135 gets the upgrade, then it will be interesting to see its power and torque figures with respect to the Pulsar 135LS.

Sri said...

I would like to see a new Discover with a bigger than 135 cc engine, with 5 speed gearbox and with DC lighting

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