Apr 1, 2010

4 Harley Davidson bookings to start on 20'th April, across 5 cities

Harley Davidson to start booking across 5 cities in India..

Harley Davidson Dealers in India

The Iconic Harley Davidson brand would soon take bookings (of its 12 models for India) starting from April 20'th. Deliveries are slated to start from June 2010.

5 dealers across 5 cities (one in each city) in India have been finally shortlisted to be worthy enough to sell the Harley Davidson models. The 5 cities are:

[1] Chandigarh
[2] New Delhi
[3] Mumbai
[4] Hyderabad
[5] Bengaluru (Sigh.. I have finally decided to let go of its ealier trendy and cool sounding 'Bangalore' name)

Well chosen cities I'd say, these 5 cities would have most of the rich boys.. err.. men who would want to get associated with the bad boy image that the Harley Davidson motorcycles come with.. and yes, would definitely have deep(er) pockets.

Harley Davidson India seems to have carefully chosen its intial 5 dealers in India. Each dealer has a full page on them on the Harley Davidson India website.

Harley Davidson Mumbai Dealer

I get a feeling that the prospective owners of Harley models in India are going to be treated like royalty.

Like 50 Cents had said, "Get Rich or Die Tryin"

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GAGAN said...

Go Harley!! I don't have any money..but still...Go Harley!!! :)

Ramesh said...

These bikes are for old, fat and rich men who want to prove a point over others just to make them feel good.

Proud Indian said...

I'd rather ride a Royal Enfield model with national pride

Proud Indian said...

I'd rather ride a Royal Enfield model with national pride

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