Mar 19, 2010

11 Royal Enfield launches Bullet Electra Twin Spark in India, with 350 cc Unit Construction Engine

Royal Enfield launches its Bullet Electra 350 cc model with the new Twin spark, Unit Contruction Engine..

The 350 cc Thunderbird Twinspark was the first model from Royal Enfield to get the Twinspark UCE engine. The Classic 500 and 350 were the next two models to get the Twinspark UCE treatment and launched in India in November 2009.

I am sure that the original Bullet models (with cast iron engine) will now become prized collectors items..!!

Also at the start of 2010, Royal Enfield had made public that the Twin Spark UCE engine would replace the original cast iron engines from the "Bullet Electra 350" and "Bullet Standard 350" models.

True to its word, Royal Enfield has launched the Bullet Electra 350 cc with the Twinspark UCE engine (Details of the new model has appeared on its website).

2010 Royal Enfield Twinspark UCE

Price Update (23,rd March): Prices starting at Rs. 89,846 (ex-Chennai) and going up to Rs. 93,846 for the kick start and electric start variants respectively

The 2010 Bullet Electra retains its original styling and comes with options of a front disc brake and electric start. The exhaust though is a a bit too long. With the long exhaust and the original cast iron engine replaced, the original "Bullet Thump" would certainly be now muffled in these 2010 models. But with new BS III (Bharat Stage III) pollution norms coming into force across India from April 2010, the "heart transplant" was probably inevitable.

Accoridng to Royal Enfield's website: "Along with the UCE engine come the double benefits of more power , and better fuel economy, more reliability and lesser maintenance".

Lets hope that the new 2010 range of models from Royal Enfield turn out to be more reliable than its older models. Now the other model which is awaiting a similar "Twinspark UCE" treatment is the Bullet Standard 350 model.

Visit the Royal Enfiled India website:

Colors: Red, Black and Silver

2010 Royal Enfield Bullet Electra 350, Technical Specifications:

    Engine: Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, OHV, air cooled, Twinspark
    Displacement: 346 cc
    Bore x Stroke: 70mm x 90mm
    Compression Ratio: 8.5 : 1
    Maximum Power: 19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm
    Maximum Torque: 28 nm @ 4000 rpm
    Transmission: Constant Mesh 5 speed
    Ignition: Digital TCI
    Carburetor: BS29 / UCAL

    Ground Clearance: 140 mm
    Width: 810 mm
    Wheel Base: 1370 mm
    Length: 2140 mm
    Height: 1120 mm
    Seat Height/Saddle Height: 800 mm

    Front: 3.25 x 19"
    Rear: 3.25 x 19"

    Electrical System: 12v - DC for ES / 12v - AC/DC for KS
    Head lamp: 12v, 35/35w
    Battery: 12v - 14AH MF for ES, 12v - 5AH for KS
    Tail Lamp: 12v, 5w

    Front: Hydraulic 280mm Disc
    Rear: 153 mm Drum

    Front: Telescopic, hydraulic damping, stroke 130 mm
    Rear: Swing arm with gas shock absorbers, Stroke 80 mm

    Fuel Tank Capacity: 13.5 ltr (min)
    Engine Oil Grade: 15w, 50 API, SL Grade jaso ma
    Weight(Kerb): KS: 180 kg, ES: 183 kg
    Maximum Speed: 120 kmph

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Anonymous said...

the original thump will be missed

Sajal said...

And that exactly has been the dividing ridge between the old schoolers who are habituated with rawness of the power delivery vs the new schoolers, who look for eligence.

It's not only with the RE it's the same case with the Pulsars too.... people who have the classic Pulsars, feel very wierd on the new Pulsars, they are so much habituated with the grunt!! :)

Payeng said...

Well one always have to keep pace with the shifting sands of time.. the April 2010 deadline for implementation of BS III (Bharat Stage III) pollution norms have made necessary for the engine changes.

For me, the Unit Construction Engine (UCE) is definitely a step in the right direction (towards better quality).

Anonymous said...

I wish that Indian motorcycle manufacturers would up their ante and start introducing Indian bikes, built for India,bikes which look good, ride better and which are at least in the 500cc category. I mean lets face it- I just read through the articles on Ducati and Harley Davidson launching bikes in India- just how many Indians do you think will ever afford to own them? Enfield and Bajaj are to the motorcycle market what Maruti was to the car market in its prime...Enfield had launched the Fury way back in the late eighties...the bike represented what was cutting edge features for India at that time- perhaps that was the reason for its demise- it was simply a bit too early for its time. I cant imagine the same being true today...I mean what are they waiting for? Royal Enfield have a niche market in India built on product heritage and image-an in=mage which defines bikes that can go the distance - bikes that can straddle the whole of Indian subcontinent merely on their rider's will! What RE need to do is to capitalise on that niche and on that product image - what is preventing them from launching a range of motorcycles in India with 500cc engines?? These could be the same as their current lineup of international models...I personally think that the 500cc Bullet Electra available in various guises as the Woodsman and Scrambler in the UK market is a fantastic model for India. All it needs(like most of the RE models) is a few design trims. I personally hate the space left over between the engine head and underside of the fuel tank on the looks ridiculous! on the other hand the thunderbird seat and side panels are very well integrated visually. The UK/ US Electra models feature the same side panels...visually they make so much more sense. RE need to polish up their act really...they need to market their motorcycles as that essential blend of old and new of modern design features integrated to a traditional tried and proven powertrain...and they need to realise that the global Indian knows a thing or two about the art of motorcycling today...and that they need to rise up to the occasion.

DeoL said...

Hi..... frnds....
i have just buyed this bike... bullet electra 5s twinspark
awsome bike... if u are planing to buy this bike go go go..
gr8 performance , speed , torque,
upgraded engine needs less maintence...
but i have few problems just little once
1. engine oil was leaking... i took it to RE serivce station
a single nutt was lose ... but after it was all fine.. running gr8
2. its horn is like activa... so i buyed new one .. of roots company
3. it give a little starting problem in moring when engine is ice cold..
may be reason is new engine.. after 500km after 1s serivce all will be fine..
Its is amazing bike.. in its class..
go for it ,, if u are plannig to buy it.

Anonymous said...

--I am a passer by fan of bullet and have driving experience with my friends bike who was very passionate with his bullet .So passionate to the extent of keeping his mothers jewel and getting a new one --little weird but true-

Bullet Electra 5s
DOP:2009- May 20th(Rs:98,000) (date of purchase)
DOS : 2010 -Sep-2010(Rs:65000)
However we enjoyed long drives, racing, tracking ---enj to core -
As a Viewer i just want to keep some points in table -

1.) The electrical connections in the bikes often leads to short circuit(damn new condition) - which inturn disenables the total circuit system of the bike- I mean total DC power gets shutdown --u will be not able to move the veichle even inches without replacing the fuse--Enquired with the Bulls service asked us to rewire it with an Expert - check it out with - Bullet Showrooms Valas
This is not the case in other bikes even ur battery drains or SC -- u can still run your bike --==

2.) Shelling a 1 lakh in a Premium veichle which doesnt have even manual fuel Indicator - Come on Bull a BP,Yam,HH all bikes in this cadre has all this tecnology even u get it in digital also -- an Analog fuel meter will cost 1500-2000 Rs only -
3.) There are Two Locks one Centre locks are provided at the bottom and other the Ignition Off -- and every time u need to CL u will lose your patience ----Iam not a design enginner but however i find this Centre locks in chota mota bikes why not Bulls can give this option -It would be very simple for users to use it na --
4.) The tyre base dia at the back and to an extent front is lookin like a Tvs-50 tyres-
Yeah i Knew a Bulkier will certainly would pull down the Mileage ---However from
a Consumer point i feel Certainly looks like a Gun without a bullet -- A bull without Agressiveness---
5.) The Fuel tank lid is a screw type -- guess it would have been a traditional design of them --- will you not change it to current trend-- all other bikes have Fixed openable lids-- I mean its very easy to use --
6.) When i horn my bullet - i feel theres no fear -or no heads turn -certainly resonating a Old Tvs -50 horn --So i changed to a Better decibel horn as in ambassador!!!! My thumb Rules the Way @@@@@@@@@@@
7.) During cold climatic condt the veichle starts after sweating me a lot--What then Twin Spark Plug has to do ???
Overall bike looks muscular for guys to throttle down and Gear up withur GF'''ssss

Hello friends iam not against Bulls - i like him a lot and thats why i expect a lot from him --Sorry if i have hurted the fans of bullet -Its all my sincere views and perception any wrong statements can be kindly corrected -

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, you are bang on target. I am only planning to purchase a Bull (as you call it :), but all these points you mention in your post is very valid. Some of them seem very simple and must-haves, which if incorporated in a bull, will not spoil or dent the class of a Bull.
Somehow RE, does not seem to want to add these features. Ofcourse, its a matter of pride to own a bullet, but at the same they need to go modern to make them stand out with the right and required blend of technology and classic appeal.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, you are bang on target. I am only planning to purchase a Bull (as you call it), but all these points you mention in your post is very valid. Some of them seem very simple and must-haves, which if incorporated in a bull, will not spoil or dent the class of a Bull.
Somehow RE, does not seem to want to add these features. Ofcourse, its a matter of pride to own a bullet, but at the same they need to go modern to make them stand out with the right and required blend of technology and classic appeal.

sunil said...

read all the comments posted above and found that more of them are very genuine like starting problem at the morning in the winter season and not having a fuel indicator.. even i got the petrol tank empty twice with indicator feel so ashamed in the public... so the company should think about this and should call back all the sold bikes to install a fuel indicator in it... thanks... sunil (Sub inspector J&K Police)from Udhampur (J&K) 9419264098..

sunder singh said...

It is a best bike in all series bike
I'll say that best bike is bullet Electra
Twin spark but few problems are .....
1.oil meater

Anonymous said...

Since you have knob for petrol, you may not need indicator

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