Mar 26, 2010

20 Honda launches 2010 'CB' Unicorn.

The speculated 2010 upgrade of the Honda Unicorn is here as the 'CB' Unicorn..!! So what's new..??

As speculated earlier by me, Honda has upgraded its 150 cc Unicorn for 2010. Although there has been no official fanfare about the launch, the details of the 'new' 2010 Unicorn has been updated on Honda 2 Wheeler India's corporate website.

2010 CB Unicorn

2010 Honda CB Unicorn

Many Honda fans were expecting the 2010 Unicorn upgrade to be based on the "Sports" concept that was shown at the 2010 Auto Expo. But it looks like the 2010 upgrade has been 'very-very-very' minor.

Unicorn Sport Concept shown at Auto Expo 2010

So what's new?

  • Viscous 'paper' air filter

  • New Dial background design for its speedometer console

  • Body colored rear grab rail

  • and oh yes, a new name, 'CB' Unicorn

  • After the 125 cc 'CBF' Stunner, 110 cc 'CB' Twister, Honda has given the 'CB' moniker to the 150 cc Unicorn too.

    Surprisingly the 'CB" Unicorn doesn't get Tubeless tyres and still has got the 'Tuff Up' variety, while the 110 cc CB Twister and 125 cc CBF Stunner comes factory fitted with Tubeless tyres..!!

    By the way, what's next..?? 'CB' Shine..??

    Engine: The engine has been left untouched and still makes the same old 13.3 Ps of maximum power.. the Honda website does mention that the 'CB' Unicorn meets BS III norms.

    Colors: The website mentions that there are 3 colors now: Black, Silver and Red. Thankfully the previous jarring decal jobs seems to have been given the boot. The 2010 colors are sober and simple and go well with the what the Unicorn stands for.. i.e a sober 150 cc commuter.

    Price: Rs. 59,285 (Ex-Showroom Delhi), Rs. Rs. 61,924 (On Road Delhi)

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    Sajal said...

    It looks like either Honda is busy looking after the needs of the aam janta or the rich class....

    it's very shamefull that Honda is behaving like this with the bike who bought standing land for the company in this country

    Vishwa said...

    I mean seriously its not even funny anymore. What's wrong with these Japanese? Launch one model and just keep addin in new colors and stickers every year.

    Honda has gone even one more step and resorted to adding a NEW NAME. Yuck!!!

    Chotu said...

    Boo Booo Booo

    Anonymous said...

    So sad Honda. I m very disapponted. Really this is 2010 unicorn? I still cant believe this. Same model for 6 yrs, and only name change? (originally launched uni have these colors in 2004. Now whats the diff remain?)
    I was eagerly planning to buy new uni. But think Honda itself prvent me to do so. Honda dont need customers!

    Anonymous said...

    Its sad and quite shameful that we say all this and still keep buying what is dished out as "NEW". Quite really shame on US then

    Magus Cars said...

    Thanks for the information.

    Siddharth Soni said...

    Don't quite understand such b***sh** from a global player like Honda. Being present across the world gives them such an edge in terms of knowing different cultures and understanding evolution of markets. If they still don't, they oughta read blogs like this one.

    They are still behaving as if Indian biking fraternity is full of morons. They are thinking they can continue riding on the Unicorn and capture market-share etc etc.

    Btw they say there's > two months' waiting period on Activa and they don't bother to update the potential buyer about the status, leave aside deliver the scooter. So much for being a global brand.

    Payeng said...

    Hi Siddharth, nice to see you after a long time..

    The Unicorn has a particular type of customer.. maybe Honda doesn't want to disturb them.

    Lets hope there is something else from Honda for India

    Siddharth Soni said...

    Hi Payeng, nice to see you writing again. :)

    Sure Honda has a particular type of customer in mind. Aren't there others?

    CB Twister seems a good bet. Why not similar initiatives in other segments?

    Besides, I wonder which other time would be as favorable as this one for any auto-manufacturer/marketer for trying things out and winning new enthusiasts?

    I can only hope. But am impatient in such matters. Want the action to happen sooner than later :)

    KIRTI said...


    Vijay Karla said...

    Excellent bike in 150cc segment.

    Anonymous said...

    i m very happy that .....unicorn old model relaunched bcuz its classic model and always should be there in market.....(i have dis model and its amaazing......)

    Magus Cars said...

    Thanks for the information.

    Vishwa said...

    I mean seriously its not even funny anymore. What's wrong with these Japanese? Launch one model and just keep addin in new colors and stickers every year.

    Honda has gone even one more step and resorted to adding a NEW NAME. Yuck!!!

    ravi said...

    dear dudes, check it out
    bore/stroke is improved
    engine is still more silence at higher speeds than you expect

    Anonymous said...

    realy nice bike

    Anonymous said...

    Old is gold......n Unicorn CB prooved it

    nishad shastri said...

    nishad said.. cb unicorn is nice bike but they shud have give a blue colour for the model.. m very upset wid the colours.. coz black is being very general now...:(

    nishad shastri said...

    i m very happy with the performance of CB UNICORN... but honda shud have give us the blue color frnds.. m very sad for the colors of this bike..

    Arjun Bagga said...

    Actually I am very sad from honda this is my 3rd bike from them unicorn itself. In between I had bajaj pulsar 180 but I sold that and again in 2012 I went back to honda for again same old unicorn but to my surprise the new cb unicorn is the most shitist bike been produced from honda reason I have. Now the company is using all new carborator know as cv carborator. If u search the net it has been proved that all the cv carborator are not very good for pickup. I am many others like me r facing the no fuel feeling even after the tank is full. It starts giving you jerks. Even after a complete warm up, I am very disappointed the old name which was there for honda brand has all gone to bathrooms shit hole.
    I might sell my 4 months old purchase. If nothing is going to be done for this f f problem

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