Mar 8, 2010

5 2010 Bajaj Platina 125 Launched [Complete Tech Specs, Price, Colors] + Wallpaper

Bajaj Auto launches the 2010 edition of the Platina 125

The two magic words that has kept the sales registers of Bajaj Auto ringing consistently since the beginning of 2009-10 fiscal year are PULSAR and DISCOVER.

With the Discover(s) cracking the commuter code and the Pulsar(s) continuing to hold its leadership position in the Sports category, the Platina(s) (which caters to the entry level category of motorcycles) seemed a bit neglected. Instead of taking things easy, Bajaj has recently launched the 2010 version of the Platina 125 with some changes which include a lowered price tag as well.

2010 Bajaj Platina 125

So what’s new?

New state of tune of the Engine: The 2010 variant makes a max power of 8.5Ps and maximum torque of 10Nm, the earlier version produced 9.53Ps of power output and 10.85Nm of torque. Although the peak power and peak torque seems to have come down, the engine now makes the peak torque at a lower commuter friendly 4000 rpm (compared to the earlier 5000 rpm). Better torque at low revs hint at the engine being tuned to return better fuel efficiency.

2010 Platina 125

5 Gears: The 2010 version gets an extra gear compared to the 4 gears on the older 2008 -09 version. But the all down pattern indicates that rather than cater to sporty intentions, it has been done to extract better fuel efficiency (again).

3 kgs lesser weight: The older variant used to weigh at 113 kgs (kerb), the 2010 variant weighs 110 kgs (err.. better for fuel efficiency.. again?)

New Colors: The 2010 Platina 125 gets new decals (I think that the previous decal design looked better). The new colors are.

  • Black with Red decals

  • Black with Blue decals

  • Black with Green decals

  • Red with Red decals

Rs. 3,000 lesser:

The 2010 Bajaj Platina 125 comes with an ex-showroom price of around Rs. 36,000, the older version was priced at Rs. 39,000.!!

Now at around Rs. 36,000, won’t it cannibalize the sales of the 100cc Discover DTS-Si?

According to me, the 100 cc Discover DTS-Si has been successful because of the strong brand image that it has created for itself over the last 5 years (the Discover brand has been in existence since 2004). The current 100 cc package just makes it more attractive for the buyer. As the Discover brand is stronger than the Platina brand, hence potential Discover buyers might not be enticed by the Platina(s).

The same analogy can be given for the Hero Honda Splendor which outsells the Hero Honda CD Deluxe. Both the models virtually have the same 100 cc engine, the CD Deluxe costs lesser than the Splendor and the CD Deluxe even have a self start as an option (the Splendor still doesn’t have a self start as an option..!!) Even here its because the Splendor brand is stronger than the CD Deluxe brand, it able to outsell it effortlessly.

Who would then buy the Platina 125 then?

Well.. the same kind of guys, who would prefer a Hero Honda CD Deluxe instead of the Splendor. At 36,000 odd rupees Ex-showroom, with a 125 cc engine and a self start, the 2010 Platina 125 does make an offer, which some guys on a budget might find it hard to refuse.

2010 Bajaj Platina 125 Tech Specs

    Type: 4 Stroke, Air Cooled,
    Displacement: 124.6 cc
    Max. Power: 8.5 Ps @ 7000
    Max. Torque; 10 Nm @ 4000
    Transmission: 5 Speed (All Down Pattern)

    Front: Telescopic Type 125 mm Travel
    Rear: Hydraulic ‘SNS’ type, 100 mm Travel

    Front: 110 mm
    Rear: 110 mm

Tyres & Wheels
    Front: 2.75 – 17
    Rear: 3.00 – 17

    Headlamp: 12V, 35W/35W
    Ignition: Digital CDI with TRICS
    Battery: 5A, Low maintenance
    Starting: Kick + Self

Fuel Tank Capacity
    Capacity: 13 Lts
    Reserve: 2.5 Lts

    Wheelbase: 1275 mm
    Saddle Height: 785 mm
    Ground Clearance: 160 mm
    Kerb Weight: 110 Kgs

Warranty: 2 Yrs, 30,000 Kms

2010 Bajaj Platina 125: Wallpaper

2010 Bajaj Platina Wallpaper

Wide Screen Format: 1280 x 800

Normal Screen Format: 1024 x 768

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Sajal said...

First it was the Pulsar 135LS and now the new Platina, good to see that Bajaj is finally paying some attention to the weight aspects of it's bikes else Bajaj bike are generally heaviest in the league

Anonymous said...

hi guys, harish here

i was thinking of buying the hero hond CD deluxe. but now i think i'll buy the platina 125. should i buy the platina 125?

Ritesh Sharma said...

The inputs referred by you are really informative and latest. Really helps us in updating our knowledge in daily changing world.

Many Thanks and

Sajal said...

First it was the Pulsar 135LS and now the new Platina, good to see that Bajaj is finally paying some attention to the weight aspects of it's bikes else Bajaj bike are generally heaviest in the league

Anonymous said...

its awesome bike everything is there in this bike mileage, style, Pickup , low price comfort.. i will suggest people to go for this bike just have one test drive u will love this bike .........

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