Feb 7, 2010

1 Yamaha R15, FZ16 on Colombian soil

Yamaha R15 and FZ16 finds its way to Colombia..!!

Colombians seem to have a penchant for motorcycles. With smooth roads, a beautiful country side and equally beautiful co riders for company, I am not actually surprised.

Super Sports bikes, Cruiser bikes, Dirt bikes, Dual Sports bikes.. Colombians seems to have access to a rich variety of motorcycles

Apart from Indian two wheelers like the Bajaj Pulsar and more recently motorcycles from Royal Enfield, even a few Japanese branded but made in India bikes (like the Yamaha Gladiator as the YBR125) have been making its way from India to Colombia for sometime now. A visit to the Colombian Yamaha Motor website reveals that the R15 and the FZ16 have also found its way to Colombia (exports had started sometime in 2009)..!!

Yamaha Motor Colombia Site

The Yamaha R15 and FZ16, which are actually scaled down 150 cc replicas of the 1000 cc R1 and the FZ1 respectively, have been successful in infusing excitement into the Indian motorcycle scene.

Although I am still not totally convinced with the overall styling of the R15, dynamically the bike definitely performs and handles like one developed for the race track. The FZ16 on the other hand is a piece of art to me. The bike won’t look out of place even in fashion conscious Paris or Milan. The FZ1 inspired styling gives the FZ16 the impression of a much larger bike than its 153 cc, 14 Ps engine.

FZ16 in Colombia
Compared to us Indians, Colombians seems to have access to a richer variety of motorcycles to choose from. Super Sports bikes, Cruiser bikes, Dirt bikes, Dual Sports bikes.. Colombians seems to have it all. Even the YBR 250/Fazer 250 (the model which most Indian bikers have been dreaming since ages) is sold in Colombia. Despite having all these models at their disposal, it looks like that even the Colombians have taken a liking to the gorgeous FZ.

Check out the photos (Source: ClubFZ16.Com) posted below..

FZ16 owners in ColombiaFZ16 owners in ColombiaFZ16 owners in Colombia
FZ16 owners in Colombia

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Sajal said...

As with the RE.... again it was just a matter of time.... and with the popularity of the R15 and FZ16 (amidst all the "Poser" controversy).. it was really just a matter of time!!

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