Feb 4, 2010

1 Royal Enfield in Colombia

Royal Enfield models find its way to Colombia..

With its new range of "Classic" models, Royal Enfield seems to be literally going places. So far, Royal Enfiled models have been exported to Europe and the U.S.A , but now it has also found its way into Colombia (according to Royal Enfield's website, Royal Enfield has an presence in 30 countries including Colombia).
Royal Enfield in ColombiaIts a delight to see another Indian two wheeler brand (according to me Royal Enfield is now an Indian brand with British origins) spread its wings in another country. I hope that the Colombians would also appreciate the old school charm of this "Old Wine" of a motorcycle.

The first dealer and service center would open in the Colombian city of Bogota. There are plans of opening more dealerships in other cities as well. The models to be on sale in colombia are the 500 cc Bullet Classic, 500 cc Bullet Electra, 500 cc Bullet Electra Deluxe, 500 cc Bullet Military and the 350 cc Thunderbird Twinspark. All these models sport the latest U.C.E (Unit Construction Engine).

Visit the Colombian website of Royal Enfield: http://www.royalenfield.com.co/

Slideshow of Royal Enfield showroom in Colombia

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Royal Enfield in Colombia

Royal Enfield in Colombia

Photo credits and news source - publimotos.com

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Sajal said...

It was just a matter of time.... not for the bikes, but for the manufacturers of RE to realize that the Royal Thumper can conquer newer territories!! :)

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