Feb 10, 2010

13 Ducati in India [Dealership Address + Models + Price]

Ducati brings almost its entire model range to India.. priced between 10 to 45 lakhs..!!

This news is a couple of months old now. Ok so the hallowed name among motorcycle brands, Ducati is in India finally.. big deal.. what’s in it for me? There is a saying in Hindi which when translated into English sounds like, "One should measure the length of the blanket and then spread his limbs".

Nicky Hayden inaugurating Ducati Gurgaon

Moto GP winner Nicky Hayden inaugurating Ducati Gurgaon

The prices actually makes even the Japanese CBU’s in India seem value for money..

Who am I to spoil the party of the lucky ones who can afford them..

I have no qualms to accept that these Italian beauties are authentic pieces of art. Unlike other marques, the Italians at least don’t need to "hide" their labor of love under flashy sticker jobs. But just as the Taj Mahal makes every guy next door feel miserably poor in front of his lover, these exotic 2 wheelers don’t do any good for the "biker next door" in me. Heck, I am not even an auto journalist who can look forward for a free ride on these lovely Italian Jobs.

The cherry to the very expensive Italian pie is the price tag (10 to 45 lakhs) of these bikes. It actually makes even the Japanese CBU’s in India seem value for money. But who am I to spoil the party of the lucky ones who can afford them.

Anyway, I am just making this post to Chronicle Ducati’s entry into India. Namaste Ducati..!!

Ducati has opened two showrooms in India. One in Mumbai and the other in Gurgaon. Discounting the Multistrada, Ducati has almost bought its entire range in India. Posted below are the Ex-Showroom prices of the Ducati models in India (Courtesy: Aryan from xBhp.com)

Ducati India Dealerships:

    Ducati Mumbai

    Atria mall,
    Worli, Mumbai

    Ducati Gurgaon

    Global Foyer Building,
    Golf Course Road,

The below mentioned details of models and the respective prices were at the time of its launch in India. Presently new models have been added and prices revised/updated

Ducati models in India:


696 - Rs.10,02,509/-
1100 - Rs.14,09,182/-
1100S - Rs.16,49,284/-


HM 1100 - Rs.14,40,499/-
HM 1100S - Rs.17,11,919/-

Sport Classic

GT 1000 - 12,97,065/-
GT 1000 bicolor - Rs.13,62,413/-
GT 1000 Touring - Rs.13,78,283/-
Sport 1000S - 15,27,353/-

Street Fighter

Fighter - Rs.18,74,772/-
Fighter S - 23,96,735/-


848 - Rs.15,91,197/-
1198 - Rs.20,56,415/-
1198 S - Rs.24,53,106/-
1098 R - Rs.41,44,266/-
1098 R TB - Rs.44,99,200/-

Ducati Gurgaon photos (Credits: Aryan from xBhp.com)

Ducati Gurgaon Ducati Gurgaon Ducati Gurgaon
Ducati Gurgaon Ducati Gurgaon Ducati Gurgaon

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Sajal said...

Interesting pricing there for the 1098 and 1198... 1198 being way better and far more powerfull (imagine what a 100cc can do when comming from an Italian Twin) is priced way lower to the 1098....

I mean are you sure about the price of the 1198... :o 24(something... somthing) lakhs for the 1198S is a loot!!

Seeing the capabilities of the 1198...

Payeng said...

Even I am surprised by the pricing of the 1098 with respect to the 1198.. but the pricing has been taken from xBhp. Will try to confirm it.

By the way the 1098 does not feature in the Ducati 2010 line in their official website..!!

Sajal said...

Actually, there was no reason for Ducati to continue with the 1098 after the arrival of the 1198S to compete in the Liter class segment, because it's way better!! the additional 100cc over the 1098 has worked like magic and this is comming just at the right time, when the MotoGP arena is about to open for the liter class!!

Vipin said...

Discontinue a variant in India and that becomes a BIG issue. If the foreigners discontinue a model, the price touches sky high. LOL

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with vipin.
Aap kare to chamatkar! aur hum kare toh ba!@!*ar? {Deepak R)

Anonymous said...

will the 999 make its way here in india

Anonymous said...

does any one know the price of the new diavel ? how much will it cost me in india with customs?

Anonymous said...

All the prices are way off the mark. Please edit this article.

S.P - Biker Next Door said...

Prices were correct at the time of the launch.. but right now the prices might have been revised Plus new models have been added too.

I agree that a new post needs to be made for the current models

Anonymous said...

Hello All,nice to see ya'll here. not sure if ya'll know this but Ducati has Also started a showroom in Bangalore. its on Lavelle Road.

Anonymous said...

is there a plan to build a bike cost around 5 lakhs?if not make it.

Anonymous said...

in lakhsssssssssssss bike lovers are also there in middle class so make it to thousandsssssssss :D:D

Abhay Sharma said...

street fighter is a bit different bike from other , nice performance and awesome power.

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