Feb 23, 2010

8 2010 TVS Star City details, TVS Star Sport becomes TVS Sport, TVS Star stopped (?)

100 cc action from TVS Motor: TVS gives its "Star City" a makeover for 2010.. also the TVS Star Sport has been re-branded/re-named as TVS "Sport".. TVS "Star" production probably stopped

Two major changes in the 2010 TVS Star City and TVS Sport:1. Adoption of 17 inch wheels diameter instead of the earlier 18 inch ones

2. The rear grab rail is now fabricated out of sturdy fiber material instead of alloy or metal

Details for the two 2010 models had been updated on the official TVS website just a couple of days back. With no media launch for the 2010 TVS Star City and the 2010 TVS Sport, it can be termed as a "soft launch". The changes on the models are very subtle too.

I. 2010 TVS Star City:

The main changes in the 2010 Star City over the earlier model is basically limited to styling. The galloping horse decal on the tank has been changed to a new design. The engine gets the now very common black treatment along with the rear grab rail. The alloy wheels though still remain in silver finish. From the tech specs, it seems that the 110 cc engine remains the same as the older variant.

2010 TVS Star City

2010 TVS Star City

2007-09 TVS Star City

2007-09 TVS Star City

TVS Star Sport Mobile Charger

India's first mobile charger on a motorcycle:

The 2010 Star City does get a mobile charger. Even though this feature is available on many scooters, it is a first for a motorcycle in India.

I don't know how useful it might be on a commuter bike, but on slightly bigger bikes which are used for touring, such a feature might be useful for GPS enabled mobile phones.

Even if I have never ridden the TVS Star City, I have not heard anything bad about the TVS Star City either. The TVS Star City was also the fist 100 bike in India (back in 2007) to feature an Electric Start. But somehow the Star City never managed to sell in big numbers as the other 100 cc bikes from Hero Honda or Bajaj.

Will this 2010 makeover manage to find more fans?

II. 2010 TVS Sport

The biggest change in this 100 cc bike is that it has been re-branded/re-named as TVS Sport. Originally launched as TVS "Star" Sport in 2007, mechanically this bike also seems to be same as the older variant.

The 2010 Sport also gets a fresh set of decals and black paint to the engine and grab rails.

What's in a name, you might ask? I don't know exacly.. but I could not see the "Star" connection in the older variant. Maybe its better this way.

2010 TVS Sport

2010 TVS Sport

2007-09 TVS Star Sport

2007-09 TVS Star Sport

[Details about Pricing could not be found on the TVS Website]

III. TVS Star production stopped:

2007 TVS Star

Details of the TVS Star, the 100 cc entry level bike, has been removed from the TVS site.

The production probably has been stopped for this particular model.

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GAGAN said...

the charger bit is wicked!!! :) overall i havent been much of TVS fan!!

Payeng said...

@ Gagan, the Apache RTR made me a believer in TVS.. Hope they come with something more.

Sajal said...

Payeng, you are talking at least an Apache RTR 160Fi right? else the non-Fi Apache 160 was pretty much a writing in sand!! All handling and nothing else!! Man the vibes makes your crotch go numb at 80!!

But I found the Apache 160Fi and now the Apache 180 completely different machines from TVS and very much wannable (but still they haven't been able to solve the riding position puzzle)

Payeng said...

Yes, the vibes are actually a surprise, for the Original TVS-Suzuki Fiero mill was a "smooooth" affair.

Debanjan said...

TVS Sport is one of the best entry level bike, fuel efficient engine with some special feature included.

Payeng said...

Yes, the vibes are actually a surprise, for the Original TVS-Suzuki Fiero mill was a "smooooth" affair.

MINTU said...


S.P - Biker Next Door said...


"Warranty" comes with certain conditions which must be adhered to ti avail it.. maybe there was some issue with your case

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