Feb 7, 2010

10 2010 Bajaj pulsar 150 DTS-i with Clip on handlebars [Photos]

First Photos of the 2010 Pulsar 150 DTS-i with Clip on handlebars..

There might be a posibility for owners of older Pulsar 150/180 owners to retrofit these new "clip-ons" without changing the front forks..

The 2010 Pulsar DTS-i seems to have arrived in showrooms. As previously reported the bike indeed has been fitted with "Clip-on" handlebars. Now the entire 2010 Pulsar range (from 135LS, 150, 180 and 220) comes with "Clip-on" handlebars.

Posted below are the first photos of the 2010 Pulsar DTS-i clicked in New Delhi and posted by Tanay, a member of xBhp.com. Externally there seems to be no change except the addition of the "Clip-on" handlebars.

2010 Pulsar 150 DTS-i

2010 Pulsar 150 DTS-i, Internal changes:

    Power: 15.06 Ps @ 9000 rpm
    Torque: 12.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm
    Bigger Carburetor for Better throttle response

Price increase:

There seems to be a nominal price increase of Rs.500 in the Ex-showroom price compared to the older Pulsar 150 model.

2010 Pulsar 150 DTS-i

Benefits of "Clip-on" handlebars:

    Sporty looks: Associated with sports bikes, clip ons handle bars provide to the sporty looks of the motorcycle.

    Sturdy: From personal experience, I have noticed that these "alloy" clip on handlebars are stronger than the normal one piece "steel" bar handlebars and withstand falls better and are less prone to damage or deformation.

Possibility of retrofitting these "clip-on" handlebars on older Pulsar 150/180 DTS-i models:

Though not yet confirmed officially, the 2010 Pulsar seems to have the same size forks as the older model. Therefore there might be a posibility for owners of older Pulsar 150/180 (Pulsar 200 had slightly larger dia front forks though) owners to retrofit these new "clip-ons" without changing the front forks.

These small changes would definitely up the desirabilty quotient of India's largest selling 150 cc motorcycle. But an entirely new range of Pulsars, replete with new chassis and new engine platform would be something to look forward too.

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Sajal said...

Asthetically there is not much difference between the '09 and '10 versions of the P150 apart from the clip-ons

I was very optimistically expecting the '10 P150 to get the scooped tank and the clip-ons from the P135, but looks like they didn't make it!!

But I should say..... most of the clip-ons by Indian manufacturers are very high and wide open unlike the actual essesnce of clip-ons which are there to make the grip and handling your motorcycle more response to your moves. Most of the "Desi" clip-ons (be it Bajaj, or Hero Honda on the ZMR or even the Apache....) are straight replacements of the single handle bar both in grip and handling.....they simply serve the purpose of halusinating you with the sporty dreams ;)

Payeng said...


I agree that the our "Desi Clip-Ons" actually just to provide the sporty looks without losing too much on the comfort aspect.

jackson said...

i feel very comfort with it .i feel that i am flying no rideing weight ,very attractive looking ,good milage 55 to 60 i feel comfort in all things with this bike...

Anonymous said...

can anyone pls tell me if i can put these clip on handle bars for the discover 150 ??

Anonymous said...

Recently I came to know from Bajaj guyz that these ons can only fit onto older models by changing the front forks because the new 150 ug 4.5 has slightly longer forks though the thickness is same.

prashant said...

iwant to buy a new pulser 150 please tell me actual prise of it

APOORVA said...

can i fit clip on handle bars in hero honda hunk

APOORVA said...

can i fit clip on handle bars in hero honda hunk

Anonymous said...

I am proud owner of bajaj pulsar 150 & i feel iell make it possibility yo fit clip ons on my bike says HUNJAN A BAJAJ ENTHUSIAST

nivesh said...

bad move by bajaj
these clip ons are rubbish commuter handling
what is d need to install such dirty looking commuter handles in 150
simple one was better
the clip ons on 180 and 220 are real sporty clipons
they looks good and feels sporty also
the real pulsars are 180 and 220.
i personally like hunk n cbz 2011 in 150 segment than pulsar 150.
pulsar 150 is not value 4 money
180 220 are real value for money
they deserves the tagline of indias no 1 sports bike

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