Jan 27, 2010

5 Rossi visits India and John Abraham is (Re)appointed (Ambasador) Advisor to Yamaha India..!!

Moto GP champ Valentino Rossi visits India at the Auto Expo 2010..

Valentino Rossi is to Moto GP what Sachin Tendulkar is to Cricket. Therefore when the news spread that "The Doctor" (as he is fondly refered) would visit the Auto Expo on Jan 9'th, many genuine fans rushed to the Yamaha Pavilion on that date. This was indeed an opportunity of a lifetime to touch, get an autograph, click a picture, touch or maybe just catch a glimpse of the living legend.

Rossi @ AutoExpo 2010

Rossi @ AutoExpo 2010

But sadly the champ was on stage only for a very brief period of time.. Therefore many fans (like my friend Sajal) had to return dissappointed without even a glimpse of his Moto GP idol.

That same evening a press conference was organised at a hotel in New Delhi, in which Bollywood star (and Yamaha brand ambassador) John Abraham played host to Rossi. John introduced Rossi to the journalists present there and went on to ask him a few questions. But when the press was invited to ask questions to Rossi, mayhem ensued.

Rossi Press Incident in India

The press incident [Credits: Sajal]

According to reports, a certain journalist got into a tiff with a bouncer and heated arguments took place. Both John and Rossi were taken backstage and later John came back to annouce that Valentino Rossi would not be coming back to the conference. This was Rossi's first ever India visit.. and what a memory he would be taking back of us.. sheesh..!!

John Abraham appointed "Advisor" to Yamaha India..!!

Bollywood star and bike lover, John Abraham used to be the brand ambassador of Yamaha India (Pre the FZ-16 and R15 days).. but as sales weren't quite effected even after John's endorsement, the contract wan't renewed. Now after tasting a comeback with the R15 and the FZ-16, John is back with Yamaha as its brand ambassador.

Rossi and John @ the Press Conference

Rossi and John at the Press Conference: Two much..!!

In fact Yamaha India has even gone a step ahead and has appointed him as "Advisor"..!! According to Yamaha India's website:

"It is a pleasure to have John by our side as he represents the essence of true biking, being a passionate biker himself. He has added a new dimension to our brand image.

As a gratitude gesture and to cement our relationship, we have recently presented a V-MAX to John. We are also pleased to certify him as advisor to India Yamaha Motor to increase our business in India."


Valentino Rossi @ AutoExpo 2010: (Photo credits: Indiaautomotive.net)

Rossi @AutoExpo 2010Rossi @AutoExpo 2010Rossi @AutoExpo 2010

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Vipin said...

Very bad event management. I bet Yamaha India must have blasted those event management guys

Sajal said...

That whole thing arround Rossi's visit still make BP shoot off the roof!!

That's a Golden Oppertunity gone wasted example running on steroids.... Well on another note.... John is a great bike enthusiasts... there is not doubt about that (proves the fact by the genere of bikes in his garage)... but how helpfull he would be as advisor to Yamaha India and how he would be able to shape Yamaha India's biking future... needs to be seen!! :)

ivenxoyz said...

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Payeng said...

@Sajal, yes it was an oppurtunity of a lifetime for you.



ivenxoyz said...

Hi I saw your blog. You have done a good job, I really liked your blog and very informative. I believe that many visitors will find it very useful to you

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