Jan 26, 2010

7 Honda Plans 2 models for 2010. New Unicorn on cards..??

Honda (HMSI) plans to launch two new models in 2010.. could the Unicorn gets its first major upgrade?

Update: Details of the 2010 CBF Stunner has appeared on HMSI's website on Jan 2010 itself.. therefore the new model to appear on 2009-10 fiscal might be a different model.

Honda (HMSI) has made public its plans of launching two new models in the next fiscal year (i.e Apr:2010- Mar:2011). According to Economic Times

"Two-wheeler maker Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) today said it may introduce two new bikes in the country during the next fiscal"

Now which two new models could it be? Since the 110 cc CB Twister has already been offcially launched by HMSI, according to me the two new models for 2010 could be..

[1] The 2010 125 cc CBF Stunner
[2] A new 2010 Honda Unicorn

Now both these models were shown at the 2010 Auto Expo. The new CBF Stunner is basically a face lifted version of the current CBF Stunner.
2010 Honda CBF Stunner

2010 Honda CBF Stunner

Along with new graphics/decals, the new CBF Stunner gets a tachometer, black painted engine, black silencer heat shield and foot protectors. The CBF Stunner also gets a plastic belly pan.

Although shown at the Auto Expo, the facelifted CBF Stunner hasn't been officially launched by HMSI yet..

The facelifted CBF Stunner also does away with the Kick Lever and the full chain cover and opts for an exposed chain with half chain cover. Although shown at the Auto Expo, the facelifted CBF Stunner hasn't been officially launched by HMSI yet.. therefore according to me, it should be one of the two launches planned by HMSI.

The other model could very well be the Unicorn Sports Concept shown at the Auto Expo. Honda Unicorn Sports Concept

Honda Unicorn Sports Concept

The current Unicorn is virtually the same model which was launched in 2005 (albeit with periodic minor cosmetic upgrades). With the "Sports Concept" shown at the Auto Expo, HMSI could provide the ageing Unicorn with a proper upgrade. The concept shown at the Auto Expo featured 17 inch tubeless tyres, exposed chain with half chain cover, a digital speedometer display and even a rear disc brake. One just hopes that the engine get's an upgrade too.

Even if the Unicorn never managed to set the 150 cc sales charts on fire, over the years it has somehow managed to carve a niche for itself as a commuter friendly 150 cc bike. Now if this "Sporty" Unicorn does replace the old Unicorn, HMSI could well vacate the "Commuter 150 cc" space.

Answers should come post March 2010.

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Vipin said...

honda will launch the same 150 cc engine with new stickers and colors even in 2015

Sajal said...

The CBF Stunner is a very popular and I guess it's the most popular 125cc bike amongs newbies (but personally I never liked the looks of it)!! The new facelift's definitely push up the sales

For the Unicorn Sports Concept... I kinda like it... it's defenitely different and still maintaining it's commuter friendly 150cc aura

Anonymous said...

The Pulsar 135LS is a better bike for newbies - Rachit

Hubert said...

When You are going to launch HONDA UNICORN SPORTS CONCEPT?

Anonymous said...

i bought the red coloured stunner....
trust me, it's really amazing and stunnig..
it CAN fullfill your all NEEDs..

akhilesh said...


akhilesh said...


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