Jan 17, 2010

4 Auto Expo 2010 Coverage: Yamaha

Yamaha India launches a limited edition "White Colored" R15 and shows a couple of concepts at the Auto Expo 2010..

After showcasing trendsetting models like the R-15 and the FZ-16 at the 2008 Auto Expo, bike enthusiasts were naturally antipicating a lot from Yamaha at this year's Auto Expo. Yamaha did put up a few models from its international lineup, viz. the FZ1, the 1000 cc Fazer and the 600 cc XJ6 Diversion. But according to whatever news recieved so far, these models were kept just for display with no intentions of selling them in India.. just like the YZR-M1 (Moto GP Champion V. Rossi's bike) which was also kept there for display. Also could be found on display were Yamaha's CBU imports to India, the 2010 YZF-R1 and the V-Max.

2010 White Colored R15

The only new launch for 2010 that was officially announced was a White Colored R15 that will be available as a Limited Edition model.

2010 White R15

Two Concept motorcycles from Yamaha

Yamaha did show two concept motorcycles at the Auto Expo.. the SZ Concept and the YBR Concept. The SZ Concept looks like a toned down version of the FZ-16. In fact from the photos, the engine block of the SZ concept looks exactly like that it has been borrowed from the FZ-16.. even the (kick lever is missing like on the FZ-16). The tyres on the concept was of 100 mm width (unlike the 140 section found on the FZ-16). The toned down styling and also the lack of a front disc probably suggests that this might be a 125-135 cc bike. The SZ concept looks production ready and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets launched. Yamaha SZ Concept

The YBR conccept very clealy apprears to be a rebadged 106 cc, Alba motorcycle from Yamaha India.. the metal rear grab rail suggests that this might be a cheaper variant.Yamaha YBR Concept

Yamaha Pavilion @ AutoExpo 2010: (Photo credits: motoroids.com, Vidhata's Picasa Album)

2010 White R15 @AutoExpo 2010

2010 YZF-R1 @ AutoExpo 2010

2010 FZ1 @ AutoExpo 2010

YZR-M1 @ AutoExpo 2010

XJ6 Diversion @ AutoExpo 2010

FZ-16 & R15 with Performance Kit @ AutoExpo 2010

1000cc Fazer & 150cc Fazer@ AutoExpo 2010

1000cc Fazer @ AutoExpo 2010

V-Max @ AutoExpo 2010

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Vicky said...

Yeah a White R15 that what we all need. whatever happened to Yamaha? gone to sleep?

Anonymous said...

This coloring job will carry on. There are many posers. Pink, lilac, fuscia - come on there are many more colors to explore

- Sudhir

Sajal said...

Well this year... from bikes perpective... Yamaha caused the biggest splash and the biggest mess (at the fag end of the Auto Expo)

The white R15 does not go true to the Yamaha league coz.... a sharp look at the color combination would tell you that all white Yamaha R1s have Red Seat (Split seat.... man I'm one sucker of the R1s) ;)

For the YBR and SZ concepts... in the past Yammy has done amazing disasters to itself with it's lower capacity machines.... and I really do hope that if brought to production these concepts do some good to the company in that bracket!!

Vicky said...

Yeah a White R15 that what we all need. whatever happened to Yamaha? gone to sleep?

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