Jan 17, 2010

2 Auto Expo 2010 Coverage: Honda (HMSI)

Honda (HMSI) showed off its 110 cc bike and two concepts at the 2010 Auto Expo..

Honda had made public its intentions of launching a 100-110 cc "Sporty" motorcycle almost 2 years back. True to its commitment, HMSI did launch the 110 cc CB Twister just a few days prior to the auto expo. The same bike was present at the Expo in its different colors.Honda CB TwisterAlso kept at the Honda pavilion were the 2010 versions of the CBR1000RR and CB1000R which are on sale in India as CBU imports. The recently (globally) launched technically advanced Sports Tourer, VFR1200 was also kept at the Pavilions. There is a buzz that the VFR1200 could be on sale in India soon.

Two Honda Motorcycle Concepts at the Auto Expo 2010

But the highlight of the Honda Pavilion were two concept models, the CB Twister Concept and the Unicorn Sports Concept. Painted in white and red the concept models were kept there to gauge public response (according to HMSI officials at the expo). According to me the, the Unicorn Sports Concept almost seems production ready and most probably might be launched soon.

The Uncicorn hasn't had a major upgrade since it was launched in 2005 and its actually about time for an upgrade..

During the 2008 Auto Expo, the CBF Stunner was displayed as a Concept, and just a few months later the model made it into HMSI showrooms. Now since the CB Twister has been officially launched and the production model already shown, the CB Twister Concept might just remain a concept. But there might be a very high chance that the Unicorn Sports Concept might actually make it into the showrooms as the new 2010 Honda Unicorn.

HMSI officials were tight lipped about the launch prospects of the Unicorn Sports Concept and also refrained from giving away any techical details about this model.Honda Unicorn Sports Concept

The Uncicorn hasn't had a major upgrade since it was launched in 2003 and its actually about time for an upgrade. The Sports Concept shown at the Expo had all new body work, a new fairing + headlight assembly and a rear disc brake. The Unicorn Sports Concept also sported 17 inch tubeless tyres and a digital speedometer display. It will be interesting to see if this Sports Concept makes into production and also if it could replace the existing Unicorn or sell along with it.

Honda (HMSI) @ AutoExpo 2010: (Photo credits: motorbeam.com )

Unicorn Sports Concept @AutoExpo 2010

CB Twister Concept @ AutoExpo 2010

CBR150R @ AutoExpo 2010

CB Twister @ AutoExpo 2010

CB1000R @ AutoExpo 2010

VFR1200 @ AutoExpo 2010

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Anonymous said...

The Unicorn concept looks ugly.

Sajal said...

Well unlike Hero Honda... Honda Motors atleast tried to come up with something.... I liked the new Unicorn Concept but at the sametime feel that they overdid the design specially the Headlamp section.... but overall the concept design stands out!! But again, we need to see that the Parent Honda had not many things in their hand(their flagship Fireblade came with only cosmetic changes for 2010)... that would was bound to be reflected on the smaller bikes too!!

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