Jan 21, 2010

3 Auto Expo 2010 Coverage: Harley Davidson Launches 12 models for India (Priced between 7-35 lakhs)

Harley Davidson finally makes it to India.. launches 12 of its models @ the Auto Expo. Namaste Harley..!!

Harley Davidson finally officially launches 12 of its models at the Auto Expo. Priced ranges between 7 lakhs (XL 883L Sportster) to 35 lakhs(Ultra Classic Electra Glide), Harley brings in models from its Sportster, Dyna, Softail, V-Rod and Electra Glide range.

Friends who have visited the 2010Auto Expo have stated that the Harley Davidson Pavilion at the Auto Expo was a classy display. Most probably the best in terms of presentation among the two wheeler pavilions @ the 2010 Auto Expo.

Harley Davidson Launch @ Auto Expo 2010

For most of us who won't be able to afford the American Icon, Harley Davidson also had on display its branded biking accessories like riding jackets, helmets and gloves. Expect these branded merchandise to be available across H-D showrooms in India along with the bikes.Harley Davidson Jackets on display @ Auto Expo 2010

No..!! That isn't a screenshot from one of the SAW series of movies..!!

The below mentioned details of models and the respective prices were at the time of its launch in India. Presently new models have been added and prices revised/updated

Harley Davidson Sportster Range in IndiaHarley Davidson India Sportster Range

Harley Davidson Dyna Range in IndiaHarley Davidson India Dyna Range

Harley Davidson Softail Range in IndiaHarley Davidson India Softail Range

Harley Davidson Touring Range in IndiaHarley Davidson India Touring Range

Harley Davidson V-Rod in IndiaHarley Davidson India V-Rod

Harley Davidson Electra Glide in IndiaHarley Davidson India Electra Glide

Harley Davidson Indian Website.. get all the details there

The Harley Davidson India website is comprehensive with all the details one might need about its models in India. The site even has an EMI calculator. The calculator takes information like the model of your choice, the downpayment one would like to make (from 15% to 50%), the choice of the number of months for the payment period (36, 48 and 60 months).. and hey presto..!! You will get a monthly installment figure in Indian Rupees that might just make you believe that maybe.. maybe all this might actually be possible.

EMI Calculator on HD India Site

Another interesting section on the H-D India site is the "Timeline" section.. it chronicles the 100 plus year old history of Harley Davidson along with the imprortant global events of that time. Post 1947 (Indian Independence year) the timeline starts mentioning Indian event's.. here is one screenshot.

HD Timeline Desi Stye

Its nice to see that Harley Davidson is trying to blend in with India and Indians. The 12 models were unveiled amidst the drum beats of drummers from Kerela, also one of the motorcycles diaplayed had the colors of the Indian tri-color on it.. now if only the price tag of the bikes were competitive enough instead if being twice its U.S value (For Eg. the 883L Sportster sells for $7,000 in the U.S). But who knows, this "Exclusivity" might just work for its Richie Rich clientele in India.

So it seems like "Indian Mangoes" have finally managed to do the trick.

"Namaste Harley..!!"

For more Photos and info about 2010 Harley Davidson motorcycles, visit TotalMotorcycle.Com

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Anonymous said...

Paying twice the international price is foolish - Rachit

Anonymous said...

That is what import taxes (tariffs) about. They get cheaper once they start assembling in India. How many Indians can buy Harley's ??

Cool bike pictures said...

Well, it'd have been nicer if they launched something to match Kawasaki Ninja series - say somewhere around 5lakh on-road in Delhi/Bangalore... I'm looking for a superbike but don't think I'd shell out 7lakh or more on a superbike!

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