Jan 16, 2010

2 Auto Expo 2010 Coverage: Bajaj

Bajaj Auto pavilion had a few of its domestic models on show along with a few KTM and Kawasaki models..

Bajaj@Auto Expo 2010

Bajaj Auto pavilion had the recently launched Pulsar 135LS and a couple of other domestic models on display. Along with these domestic models, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and a couple of KTM models, viz. the 990 Super Duke and the 690 Super Moto were also present.

The Ninja 250R has already been launched in India (Applause..!!).. so can we expect something from the KTM stables next..??

Bajaj Pavilion @ Auto Expo 2010: (Photo credits: Ankur's Picasa Album)

Pulsar 135LS @ Auto Expo 2010

KTM 990 SuperDuke @ Auto Expo 2010

KTM 690SM @ Auto Expo 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 250R @ Auto Expo 2010

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Vipin said...

Bajaj has the SEXY Kawasaki Ninja 250R!! Now our Indian brands stand head to head with the Japanese.

Hamaha Bajaj, Hamara Bajaj.

Sajal said...

Well after last year's Bang at the Auto Expo... for this year.. Baja seemed to have lost it's fizz.... nothing new.... nothing exciting.... it looked that initially Bajaj thought of not to participate in the Expo but decided otherwise at the very last moment!! Well going by Bajaj's history of surprises... God know what's in store!!

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