Jan 30, 2010

35 2010 Honda CBF Stunner (125cc). Details, Price, Colors revealed (from Official Website)

Details of the 2010 CBF Stunner is out on HMSI's website..

HMSI had shown the 2010 edition of the CBF Stunner at the 10'th Auto Expo. Details of the same model has been updated on its website. As speculated, there has be no performance upgrades in the 2010 CBF Stunner. The engine still makes 11 bhp max power.
2010 Honda CBF Stunner
But the cosmetic upgrades on the 2010 CBF Stunner have managed to give it a refreshed look. Posted below are the photo of the 2010 CBF Stunner and the 2008-09 Edition of the CBF Stunner.

With the advent of the latest pocket rocket, the Pulsar 135LS.. it was the appropriate time for an upgrade for the CBF Stunner..

The CBF Stunner has always been a good looking motorcycle, the fixed half fairing and split seats give the 125 cc motorcycle the looks of a bigger engined motorcycle. Therefore when it was launched in 2008, I seriously was of the opinion that this particular model might not only sell well for a 125 cc, but might also eat into the shares of 150 cc motorcycles in a big way.

But now, I have my doubts if this 125 cc CBF has had any "Stunning" effect on the 150 cc category. Also with the advent of the latest pocket rocket, the Pulsar 135LS.. it was the appropriate time for an upgrade for the CBF Stunner.

2010 Honda CBF Stunner

2010 Honda CBF Stunner

As can be seen from the above photo, the 2010 CBF Stunner has got new set of decals and color scheme. The engine, front foot protectors, exhaust heat shield and front suspension has been given the black treatment (tell me a bike which doesn't get the black treatment these days). The new CBF Stunner also get a plastic "Under Cowl". The bike also gets bar end weights and a sporty exposed chain with half chain cover.

2008-09 CBF Stunner

2008-09 Honda CBF Stunner

The more substantial changes are actually beneath the paint and decals. The 2010 Edition of the CBF Stunner now gets a useful tachometer. The bike also comes with a paper air filter to make maintenance of the bike an easy affair. The bike also comes fitted with a maintenance free battery which does not require top up. Good electricals are a must as the bike now doesn't have the kickstarter and comes only with a Self start.

Although there has been no performance upgrade, the new 2010 edition weighs 1Kg lesser than the 2008-09 edition (at least according to the official tech specs quoted on its site).


The 2010 CBF Stunner is presently priced accordingly (in Delhi)..

    Self-Disc-Alloy: Rs. 53,501 (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 55,962 (On Road)
    Self-Drum-Alloy: Rs. 50,500 (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 52,200 (On Road)

2010 CBF Stunner Features

Under Cowl

Under Cowl

Benefit: Sporty looks.

Half Chain Case

Half Chain Case

Benefit: Sporty looks and easy maintenance of the chain.

Handle Bar Weights

Handle Bar Weights

Benefit: For damping vibrations at the handlebar.



Benefit: Displays engine speed for gear change at correct engine speed.

Maintenance Free Battery

Maintenance Free Battery

Benefit: No top up, no leakage. Peace of mind.

Viscous Paper Air Filter

Viscous Paper Air Filter

Benefit: Easy maintenance.

2010 Honda CBF Stunner, Technical Specifications:

  • Engine type: 4 stroke, Air cooled OHC single cylinder

  • Displacement: 124.7cc

  • Max power: 11bhp @ 8000rpm

  • Max Torque: 11Nm @ 6500rpm

  • Starting system: Self only (2008-09 edition had both Kick and Self Start)

  • Gear shift pattern: 1 Down - up

  • Headlamp: 35/35W 12V Halogen

  • Battery: 12V Maintenance Free

  • Front suspension: Telescopic hydraulic fork

  • Rear suspension: 3 step spring loaded hydraulic shock absorber with rectangular box type swing arm

  • Front tyre: 80/100-17 46p (tubeless)

  • Rear tyre: 100/90-17 55p (tubeless)

  • Front brake: 130mm drum (optional 240mm disc)

  • Rear brake: 130mm drum brake

  • Length: 2012mm

  • Width: 734mm

  • Height: 1111mm

  • Wheelbase: 1271mm

  • Ground Clearance: 173mm

  • Fuel tank capacity: 10 liters (2 liter reserve)

  • Kerb weight: 128kgs (2008-09 edition had a keb weight of 129kgs)

2010 CBF Stunner: Color Options

Heavy Grey MetallicSpace Silver MetallicSports Red
Pearl Yellow Sports

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Anonymous said...

new colors, new plastic, new stickers? and this is an all new model? bah

Sajal said...

Payeng Dude you know what I've always felt that the sales of the CBF Stunner is the pure example of a hungry person gulping up a half baked cake.

People say that Yamaha FZ/Fazer and R15 are poser bikes.... but truely speaking CBF Stunner is one stunning example of the same... else there's no reason of a smashing Yamaha Gladiator Type SS/RS failing infront of the Honda Stunner!! The Gladiator is an hell of a 125cc, but it failed in the looks in the Stunner!!

For me the bike has always looked like an ugly duckling in the Honda Stable.... and the new version dosen't improve it's image a single bit. But again the fact is.... on the generation or I should say the Starved Generation... the new Stunner is gonna be one hell of package it's gonna do well in the segment!!

At the same time this bike has no comparison what so ever with your desi Pocket Rocket.... the Pulsar 135LS, because the Pulsar 135LS has some real meat inside the engine.... the 4-valve engine.... and any day under the sun, the Pulsar 135LS can leave the Stunner panting for breath!!

To sum it all, even though the new Stunner is gonna help Honda India Sales figures, but I still don't like the bike :)

Anonymous said...

CBF Stunner is all plastic and all show. The Gladiator and now the Pulsar 135 is for true bikers (Sumit)

Vipin said...

come on the cbf stunner is not that bad a bike. after all its a honda.

Shubhashish Bose said...

Did the 2010 cbf stunner contains digital lcd display of speedometer and tachnometer?

Payeng said...

No Shubhashish, the 2010 CBF Stunner doesn't feature a digital display

shawaiz said...

hey payeng bro my antivirus said there is virus on honda's site so can i copy the details of stunner to my website

with regards,

Payeng said...


if you don't want to visit the HMSI site, you can copy the details from the above post

Anonymous said...

hey guys ,i hv heard that new stunner has a pgm fuel injection engine.
is it true

Anonymous said...


Check out the Stunner PREMIUM model priced at around Rs 68K!

I never liked the Stunner to begin with, but this limited variant was REALLY A STUNNER!


Anonymous said...

This bike beats the hell out of P135 which is a crap bike

Akash said...

@ above

HA HA HA what a joke. this plastic doll eats dust from the Pulsar 135's rear

Anonymous said...

Old Pulsar's production closed coz of stupid rear...lol

Payeng said...

@Anon (please post with your google account and profile photo)

Take a chill pill

The Pulsar 135LS is still in production. Its just the rear fender which has got a new design.

Anonymous said...

honda stunner is best bike in india ever.........
its a big deal i have it now ......

Anonymous said...

hey its a good bike....
i just bought it and it is way bigger than that mini pulsar!!!!!

Anonymous said...

pulsar 135 totally sucks....
stunner rox.


Sodhi said...

In your dreams Nikhil, in your dreams. ha ha ha

joviboy said...

P135 is too small.. it really is a pocket bike, although has good performance over 125 stunner but still as far as tall people are concerned p135 looks like a joke with tall people on it..

Go for stunner .

eswar said...

i have to buy honda unicorn ... how much it cost..... how much it lends mileage plzzzzz inform sooon

Anonymous said...

tell me the acual city average of cbf stunner...in city


Truely speaking the lcd aka digital tachometer console costs much higher than that of the magnetic tachometer!
Once if the tachometer gets damaged the cost to replace it is more than 4500 whereas if the older one tachometer gets damaged it just costs 150-200/-
Its better if we have the older one tachometers instead of digital console!

Anonymous said...

ride of stunner is like knife on butter.......its so smooth man.....no comparison with any other !

Sodhi said...

In your dreams Nikhil, in your dreams. ha ha ha

Shubhashish Bose said...

Did the 2010 cbf stunner contains digital lcd display of speedometer and tachnometer?

Anonymous said...

CBF Stunner is all plastic and all show. The Gladiator and now the Pulsar 135 is for true bikers (Sumit)

Anonymous said...

Honda stunner rockzz! Its really a best bike with best budget, looks and Mileage.. Honda.. Dhag Dhag Go!!

subin said...

it's good bike i just bought one

jeet said...

stunner rocks>>>>
pulser socks>>>>>>

Kabir said...


Yeah, the Pulsar SOCKS in a mighty punch at all bikes

VISHAL said...


rohit selva said...

Am going to buy Honda stunner:-) how much mileage?

Anonymous said...

Is it better than tvs 125 except for the looks how about performance mileage

Imraan Khan said...

Except from luk what about milege of CBF stunner

Anonymous said...

very recent i am going to bye CBF stunner PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR'S FEEDBACK.

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