Dec 2, 2008

2 4'th National Pulsar Owner's Meet in Colombia..!!

"4 Nacional Encuentro Pulsar Colomia": 4'th National Pulsar Owners Meet of Colombia..!!

The City of Bucaramanga was the host for the 2008 Edition of the Annual Pulsar Owners meet of Colombia.. The meet was held on October 11'th, 12'th and 13'th. Posted below are images from that event in a Slideshow format..

Slideshow Posted Below

Slideshow posted below...

[Check out the Sildeshow Pics in PicasaWeb..]

The 3 day event was filled with group rides, stunt demonstrations, fasion show, dance parties and probably even a strip show (search YouTube for "4 Encuentro Nacional Pulsar" for videos related to the event)..!! Pulsar owners from around 20 odd "Culb Pulsars" (formed according to the city of origin) participated in this year's meet.

From the Pics it seems that the ratio of "male : female" participants was quite even. They probably even have selected a "Miss Pulsar 2008" from among the participating damsels.. Sweet..!!

Miss Pulsar 2008..!!

Posted below are the thumbnails of 3 clubs (among the 20 odd clubs) which participated in the event.

Click for larger view..

Club Pulsar- Bucaramanga

Club Pulsar - Medellin

Club Pulsar- RSP Medellin

[Pics Source:]

Pulsar 200 DTSi launched in Colombia:

Pulsar 200 DTS-i in Colombia

Meanwhile Bajaj launched the Pulsar 200 DTSi in Colombia during the event. Posted below are pics of a Pulsar 200 DTSi in "Orange" which is on sale in Colombia.. Looks smashing I'd say.. why not the "Orange" color for India too..??

Click for larger view..

Pulsar 200 DTS-iPulsar 200 DTS-i

[Pics Source:]

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cars said...

Pulsar 200 DTSi is a bike which is appreciated for it's power.good bike!!..

cars said...

Pulsar 200 DTSi is a bike which is appreciated for it's power.good bike!!..

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