Nov 29, 2008

9 "Pulsarian Community" of Indonesia..

Photos of the Pulsarian Community from Indonesia..

My "Blog Friend" Gary Wiwaha has mailed me pics of their community.. they call themselves as "Pulsarians" and the common factor that bind them is their love for riding motorcycles and that they all own Pulsar 180/200 DTSi motorcycles in Indonesia. Till date the Pulsarian community has about 2,000 registered members spread across Indonesia.

Posted below is a slideshow made from the pics posted by Gary dude to me..

Check out the Photos in the slideshow in PicasaWeb...

People say that "Music knows no boundries".. From the Pics it sure it true that "Biking Blurrs Boundries" as well. I hope that one day I will be able to visit that beautiful country on my bike.. and meet Gary and his band of Pulsarians..!!

Pulsarian Gary Wiwaha

Gary Wiwaha from Indonesia

Visit the website of the Indonesian Pulsarian Community..

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Anonymous said...

yes indian bikes rocks in indonesia, esp pulsar!

sorry about the tragic blasts in mumbai. may god bless the indians

Yudhiyono Jar

Anonymous said...

(please switch moderation off)

gary said...

thanks for writing Satadal....great...:D

Payeng said...

@Yudhiyono and Gary bro..

we are one big family

Cé$âr said...

Y'know, Pulsar is one of those bikes which you form a bond withI felt that way abt the classic pulsar.. hope you guys have great amd memorable times on your bikes!!

Taufik said...

Pulsar come to indonesia carrying a great value bikes: Pulsar 180, pulsar 200 and XCD 125. And the pulsar riders community grow up so fast. Mr satadal, great news you write. keep it up

Anonymous said...

Ian said
All I can say is...It's not just an ordinary bikes, It is PULSAR..and I love it.

Hugo said...

Hugo ( Malang, Indonesia )

I bought a pulsar 200 at December 2008, and I am very satisfied with my ride and I love to ride it every where when I'm on duty. Viva Pulsar

Anonymous said...

Ian said
All I can say is...It's not just an ordinary bikes, It is PULSAR..and I love it.

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