Nov 4, 2008

11 Honda Launches 125 cc CBF Stunner

Honda India launches the CBF Sports concept shown at the Auto Expo 2008 as the CBF Stunner

This post (and a few more in the coming days) is meant to chronicle the launch of motorcycle(s) in India between May-Oct 2008 (the period during which "The Bike Chronicles of India" was briefly inactive)..

After Yamaha, it was Honda's (HMSI) turn to surprise me with the launch the "CBF Sports Concept" (on August 6, 2008) which was first shown at the New Delhi Auto Expo 2008. Christened as the "CBF Stunner", it has been given the same look as the "CBF Sports Concept" albeit with a toned down paint scheme.

Often criticized previously for producing efficient but undesirable motorcycles, it looks like Honda has hit the nail on its head this time. Since its launch, I have seen quite a number of CBF Stunner plying on the roads of New Delhi and the NCR region.

Honda CBF Stunner

125 cc Honda CBF Stunner

[Read the "Long Term Review" of the CBF Stunner at Zigwheels.Com]


The Stunner indeed manages to look stunning for a 125 cc motorcycle. With a "Karizma like" fixed half fairing, the CBF Stunner appears like a motorcycle from a bigger segment. The CBF Stunner also sports 17" tubeless tyres which is a first for the 125 cc segment. The CBF Stunner features Split Seats to further enhance the sporty image.

Honda CBF Sports Concept

CBF Sports Concept @ Auto Expo 2008

The Speedometer assembly is an all analog affair. Considering the sporty turnout of the motorcycle, the absence of a tachometer is felt here. An interesting feature is the position of the choke lever which is positioned "along with" the speedometer assembly. Personally I find the position of the choke a bit odd and outdated.

CBF Stunner Speedometer

Speedometer (and choke lever) of the CBF Stunner

The CBF Stunner comes with three options of "Kick Start-Drum-Alloy", "Self Start-Drum-Alloy" and "Self Start-Disc-Alloy".

Engine, Power, Performance

The Engine of the CBF Stunner has the same specs as that of the 125 cc Shine. But the stunner does feature 5 gears compared to the 4 gears which the shine comes with.


The CBF Stunner is currently available in the following colors:

With Disc Brakes and Stickers

  • Yellow

  • Red

  • Silver

  • Black
CBF Stunner with Disc Brakes

With Drum Brakes and without Stickers
  • Red

  • Black
CBF Stunner without Disc Brakes


The CBF Stunner is presently priced accordingly (in Delhi)..

    Kick-Drum-Alloy: Rs. 47,085 (Ex-showroom) Rs. 49,365 (On Road)
    Self-Drum-Alloy: Rs. 49,834 (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 52,200 (On Road)
    Self-Disc-Alloy: Rs. 51,667 (Ex-Showroom) Rs. 54,090 (On Road)

Honda CBF Stunner, Technical Specifications:

  • Engine type: 4 stroke, Air cooled OHC single cylinder

  • Displacement: 124.7cc

  • Max power: 11bhp @ 8000rpm

  • Max Torque: 11Nm @ 6500rpm

  • Starting system: Kick/self

  • Gear shift pattern: 1 Down - up

  • Headlamp: 35/35W 12V Halogen

  • Front suspension: Telescopic hydraulic fork

  • Rear suspension: 3 step spring loaded hydraulic shock absorver with recangular box type swing arm

  • Front tyre: 80/100-17″ 46p (tubeless)

  • Rear tyre: 100/90-17 55p (tubeless)

  • Front brake: 130mm drum (optional 240mm disc)

  • Rear brake: 130mm drum brake

  • Length: 2012mm

  • Width: 734mm

  • Height: 1113mm

  • Wheelbase: 1271mm

  • Ground Clearance: 173mm

  • Fuel tank capacity: 10 liters (2 liter reserve)

  • Kerb weight: 129kg

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Sajal said...

Personal opinion - I have my serious reservation against the look and feel of the Stunner (I'm more stunned by the lameness of HMIL in this case).

With the same engine power I think the Yamaha Gladiator Type SS/RR looks better than the Stunner.

Payeng said...

I guess so Sajal.. but the last couple of days I have seen a lot of Stunners on Gurgaon Roads.. in fact much more than the Gladiator or the TVS Flame.

But I guess the consumer who needs basically a commuter bike with good mileage, which costs less than a 150 cc but with Karizma like looks seem to be just loving it.

Anonymous said...

What about sports model orange with red

Anil Kumar said...

Hey Payeng if its not too much to ask could you do a shootout between the stunner and the Gladiator.

Anonymous said...

hi payeng, can u please tell which is better, honda stunner or bajaj xcd. i want milage and better function both at the same time. Your help wll be appreciated

sudheer said...

its so sexyyy bike &looking nice and hv a nice ride feel soooo sporty

Anonymous said...

hey im zafar from hyd.i bought this sexy bike .its so cooooolll

gerson said...

please tell me when coming to colombia, I like want buy righ now

Anonymous said...

watz the mileage?

gerson said...

please tell me when coming to colombia, I like want buy righ now

Anonymous said...

What about sports model orange with red

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