Nov 6, 2008

15 Hero Honda Launches Passion Pro Power Start, Refreshed 2008 CBZ Xtreme (Photos,Pics) , Splendor NXG and Pleasure Scooter

Hero Honda launches the 3 refreshed motorcycles and 1 refreshed scooter just before the festival season 2008..

This post (and a few more in the coming days) is meant to chronicle the launch of motorcycle(s) in India between May-Oct 2008 (the period during which "The Bike Chronicles of India" was briefly inactive)..

Hero Honda had made an official statement that 12 new models would be launched in between mid 2008-2009. True to its words Hero Honda launched 4 new "Refreshed" models from its existing range of motorcycles. These new models are..

  • CBZ Xtreme

  • Passion Power Pro

  • Splendor NXG

  • Pleasure (Scooter)

Posted below are pics of the new 2008 CBZ Xtreme..

2008 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme2008 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme2008 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme2008 Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

According to Economictimes,

"The company on Sunday (19'th Oct 2008) rolled out self start versions of 100cc bikes Passion, (Passion Pro Power Start) and Splendor NXG ; a refreshed new CBZ Xtreme (150 cc bike) and refreshed Pleasure (100 cc gearless scooter).

The 'Passion Pro Power Start' is priced starting at Rs 44,000 (ex-showroom Delhi) and the newlook Pleasure would be priced at Rs 36,950 (ex-showroom Delhi). The company has, however, not disclosed the prices of Splendor NXG self and the new CBZ Xtreme."

There are no Engine Upgrades in any of the models. The Passion Plus gets a new Electric Starter which is a welcome feature. But what do you guys think about the new "refreshed" stying of the "new" 2008 CBZ Xtreme..??

[Photos of the new 2008 CBZ Xtreme was taken from the Picasa Web Album.. but the photos have been removed from the Original source now..]

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Cé$âr said...

Is the dual colour alloys stock? Looks silly ;) but then again HH never fails to amuse me.. whether its the looks of the cbz-x.. or whether its the PLUS naming which has become synonymous with 'STICKER UPGRADES'.. or whether they're using dancing film stars as their brand amby's... :) If they help sales, good for them.. that's the mentality of their target audience :)

Payeng said...

That's right bro... The consumer is the one to blame.

If the customer says "NO", why won't there be a change..??

sandeepbagchi said...

glad ur back

drowning me said...

I am running away from that green thing. This can be the most avoidable green creature after algae.
HH doesn't have rights to torture people to this extent.

ANIRBAN said...

Not so effective upgrades...!!!!

Harinath said...

Hey buddy its great to see you are back !!!

Atul S said...

Not at all impressive.
What a bike lover wants is........
1).Rear Disck Brakes,
2).Digital Meter,
Please forwant this comment to HERO HONDA GROUP.


cbz extreme looks great amazing while sitting and holding the handle it makes the rider feel great,digital metre makes feel boaring after few days,but the cbz's metre is old type but gold type,milege is satisfactory 50-55 in cities,its more comfortable and smooth in highway's,its look is very good,stylish and also very suitable for modifing ,over all its the best one in the recently launched bikes,superb...... belivie it and buy it

Mirza said...

CBZ xtreme is the best bike in its class i.e 150cc with ultimate engine performance, style looks, handling and every thing a rider wants... And above all this it has the lowest maintainance wen compared to any other bike of this class...!!!

Anonymous said...

its good but embaracing because it dont have any rear disc brakes and either with a digi speedometer but its stylish good looking great colour dude purchase one of those

Gowtham said...

Rear Disc brakes are not Good are advisable for indian roads. So front discs are enough.

Anonymous said...

It it a nice bike,but the only thing that shuld be changed is the dashboard. a digital dashboard will suite it better.
Just think about it.

Anonymous said...

hi, can you please review the new bajaj DTS-SI 100 Cc for us readers? Would be great and Handy, now that bajaj is claiming is sold 1 lac units in 50 days. I want to pruchase one for my brother


sandeepbagchi said...

glad ur back

Payeng said...

That's right bro... The consumer is the one to blame.

If the customer says "NO", why won't there be a change..??

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