Mar 4, 2008

8 Royal Enfield "Rider Mania 2008"

Hyderabad plays host to Rider Mania 2008..

The other day I happened to stumble upon an article on Rediff.Com. The topic of the article was "Can India have cult brands?".

The best definition of "Cult Brand" in that article was provided by a professor of marketing from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (from where else can you expect?). The professor defined a "Cult Brand" as:

  • "One with focused, committed target customers

  • with high degree of reverence for the brand,

  • who are willing to put extraordinary effort to acquire and use the brand and

  • are willing to publicly demonstrate their love for the brand in an extraordinary manner."

From what I could make out, the opinion at the end of the article was:

    "So far there hasn’t been a cult brand from India and there are doubts about whether India could churn out a cult brand of its own."

Well, what do you make of the following then..??

Royal Enfield Riders @ Rider Mania 2008

(Got the bike, got the attitude..
what about the Helmets dudes..??)

Rider Mania 2008

"Rider Mania" is a National annual event hosted by the members Royal Enfield clubs spread across the country.

Royal Enfield has been doing its part by sponsoring it.

Royal Enfield Riders @ Rider Mania 2008

Rider Mania 2008 was held in the city of Hyderabad on January 18'th and 19'th 2008.

Venue of Rider Mania meets so far.

2003 : Goa

2004 : Goa

2005 : Panvel

2006 : Chennai

2007 : Nagpur

2008 : Hyderabad

[Visit R.E Website for more info on Rider Mania Meets..]

Events @ Rider Mania 2008

The 2008 rider mania saw around 350 Royal Enfield riders congregate in the City of Hyderabad. Riders from places as far a Mizoram came for the annual event, which has become kind of a pilgrimage for a Royal Enfield rider.

Royal Enfield Chopper @ Rider Mania 2008

Rider Mania 2008

I think that I can see at least one brand which might probably be inching towards attaining that "Cult Brand" status in India.

What do you think..??

Watch a short documentary about the Rider Mania 2008 on You Tube: Click Here..

Rider Mania 2008 on YouTube

[Photos posted with permission from Aadarsh's Flickr Rider Mania 2008 Set]

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Sajal Chakraborty said...

Attitude dude........the word is attitude!!! Cults always have their own set of attitudes..... that's why they are a cult.... that's why they are different and that's why I don't like em (well anybody would give a damm about that), but basically it's all attitude

Anonymous said...

they do have there charm but too much attitude.

Bullet or nothing -- needs a change

GAGAN said...

my next bike!!:)

Payeng said...

Hmm.. actually I know of an adventure lover who has been to LEH-KASHMIR SOLO on his bullet..

even he found too much attitude in a few bike groups he tried to fit in.

Therefore he prefers to ride with friends or Solo

Sajal Chakraborty said...

Payeng Dude!!
I would love to be friend of that friend of yours. For some people having attitude (be it any sphere of life) is an important quality of ones character, but it dosent go smooth with me!!

So, straight forward dudes and simple..., always welcome!!!!

Sankoobaba said...

why cant we have something like that for pulsarians!!

nilu said...

most pulsar owners are young rash/brash/rude/brats/punks, who have loads of snobbery,no attitude at all, and no love for the machine at all....its really hard to come across some discerning pulsar riders with good attitude...and good road habits...all i see are pulsars zipping by with no regard for rules of the road. And all i do is mutter to myself "ameteurs"!...

Sankoobaba said...

I think if such an event is held for pulsarians..then they would need a lot ...I mean a lot of free space to host them all...and such a huge event would surely be a logistical nightmare...

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