Mar 21, 2008

18 Honda's new 125 cc "CBF Stunner"; New TV Commercial for Yamaha Gladiator Type SS/RS

Honda might launch a 125 cc called "CBF Stunner", there is also a new TV Commercial for Yamaha Gladiator Type SS/RS

125 cc CBF "Stunner" from Honda (HMSI)

Trivia: Name the Motorcycle "Segment" in which "all" the motorcycle makers in India (discounting Royal Enfield) have at least one model?

Ans: The 125 cc segment.

    (Bajaj: XCD; Hero Honda: Super Splendor/Glamour; Honda: Shine; TVS: Flame; Suzuki: Heat/Zeus; Yamaha: Gladiator)

Concept CBF Racing @ AutoExpo 2008

Concept CBF Racing shown @ AutoExpo 2008

The "CBF Stunner" churns out around 11 bhp and (according to Economic Times) looks like a "Baby Karizma"..!!

The 100 cc segment is currently dominated by Hero Honda and the 150 and above segment by the Bajaj Pulsar models. Encouraged by fact that the 125 cc segment still doesn't have any clear market leader, every bike maker in India is trying hard to get a larger share of the the 125 cc pie.

The data furnished by Society of India Automobile Manufacturer’s (SIAM) shows that the 100cc segment has suffered a negative growth of over 21% over the period of April 2007-January 2008. Therefore it makes bloody good business sense to concentrate more on the 125 cc segment.

Economic Times says that Honda India (HMSI) might roll out a new 125 cc variant rumoured as the "CBF Stunner". Likely to hit the showrooms by August this year with an ex-showroom price tag of around Rs. 52,000 (estimated), the "CBF Stunner" churns out around 11 bhp and (according to Economic Times) looks like a "Baby Karizma"..!!

Concept CBF Sports @ AutoExpo 2008

Concept CBF Sports shown @ AutoExpo 2008

Hmm.. does the CBF concepts at the Auto Expo 2008 mean something then..??

New Yamaha Gladiator TV Commercial

Meanwhile Yamaha India has come out with a new TV Commercial for its 125 cc Gladiator Type SS/RS. Two days back, I had received an e-mail which had the new TV Commercial as an attachment.

Gladiator TV Commercial Screen Shot

In the last post, I had criticized the previous TV Commercials and Advertisements of the Gladiator. Will this new Commercial and the new "Stop Commuting and Start Sport Biking" campaign work for the Yamaha Gladiator Type-SS/RS this time..??

Stop Commuting, Start Sport Biking Ad

This particular campaign Highlights the Sporty features and the Racing DNA of Yamaha motorcycles. Which seems pretty OK and should strike the right chord with young guys looking for a sporty bike in the 125 cc category. The new Commercial is much better than the earlier ones and is successful in getting the point across. But even then, the Commercial doesn't really have a "Sticky" quality to it and tend to fade away from the memory soon.

Also according to me, majority of the prospective 125 cc customers are concerned with getting the "Maximum Fuel Efficieny" more than any other feature. By Targeting this Volume Segment just by Stating the "Fuel Efficiency" figures of the Gladiator Type-SS, Yamaha could win over a few more prospective 125 cc customers as well.

Have a look at the new commercial and tell me what you think..

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Anil Kumar said...

Finally Yamaha has come up with a commercial that 'might' appeal to everyone.

ashes_dad said...

if the new 125 from honda looks like a baby karizma then i think it will be based on sports concept which is similar to karizma in more than one aspect(disc brake,headlamp,fairing and even rear end).so dont expect it look like racing concept which looks a lot better than sports.and 52000 seems like a lot of bread for a 125cc.

as for yamaha they should spend a little more in targetting customers.if they want to attract customers to buy a 125cc they should stick to 'average kya hai?'.
i think this because 'uncles' who want to buy a 125cc will look for fuel efficiency and after watching cuurent ad would definitely not buy this so called 'powerful sport bike' as they would not be able to know abt gladiators 60+ efficiency cause payeng has already stated in his last post that they don't read magezines and blogs.

gearhead said...

galdy ad reminds me of the P200 ad...'start free biking'

Anonymous said...

CBF "Stunner" looks ugly in my opinion. The frontal area loox like the bajaj 220Fi (with that 1 piece fold). Not sure who copied who..

bambang said...

stop commuting and start sport-biking... on 125cc bike

yeah right

Siddharth Soni said...

While I agree that 'mileage' is still what people would look for in a 125cc, I think Yamaha's position fairly obvious and justified if looked at purely from a marketing point of view. Yamaha continues to stick to performance as a selling point instead of botching it up with all the jing-bangs. By doing so, it doesn't give way to the bait of advertising mileage to meet the sales targets. Not to say that sales aren't important. If anything, Yamaha is one company in India which needs sales badly.

Uncles are not Yamaha's target audience. I am sure market's migration 125cc is an indication people want a little more pleasure in riding than what a 100cc offers. If pleasure is the topmost need, then Yamaha is the best in the category. For mileage you have Honda Shine and Hero Honda Glamour :).

Thanks for the post, Payeng.

Gary said...


Honda CBF 125?? Hmm, this remind me that Indonesia will launch new "Bebek" with new concept. Honda call it "Crossover". A concept between "Bebek" and sport motorcycle.

The front face is look the same with the CBF-125 which the engine I thought would be the same?

The Honda "Crossover" is powered by the same engine of Honda Nice-125 "made in Thailand". Liquid Cooled engine and 2-valve.

Just wait until the "Crossover" is born on April 2008.

For the meanwhile you may look at this address for the picture:
and this for Honda Indonesia website for the new motorcycle.

Payeng said...


Thanks for putting your comments here bro..


I did Not Mean to say that Indian customers Never reads reviews of bikes from Auto Magazines..

But from my personal experience, I have seen that the number of such regular readers (of Auto Mags) are very less.

An ordinary customer might pick up an odd issue occassionally. But there is no guarantee that that particular issue might contain the Test Ride/Review of the bike that he is looking for.

But then, these are just my own ideas..


Thanks again bro.

Neo said...

Wow! great to see the rider getting his knee down. Really exciting! Gr8 work yamaha. Now get us R15 fast :D

Gary said...

Hi Payeng,

I forgot to put the web for the new "Bebek" of Honda Indonesia which similar to CBF 125...:D

The web is

sathya said...

brother i was confused still i saw this post, i am very much interested in yamaha and glady ss versions but will my another favorite is Karizma which i dreamt from my college days

will this baby karizma will be better than glady of yamaha plz compare them and also want to know when this
CBF honda will be avaible ??

regards from hot chennai
cool sathya

Payeng said...


If you like the Gladiator then go for it..

The New 125 cc from Honda is just a news.. can't tell for sure how it will turn out or when it will be launched.

first_synn said...

Here's your "Stunner":

AKA, the SE Asian market CBF 150 (Unicorn engine. Nevermind, the Shine powerplant will fit in nicely).

Nice try honda... You almost had me...

Krishna said...

i gave a visit to YAMAHA showroom in Pune yesterday..
was shocked to see that the old Gladiator (Type J.A) is still being sold with the new ones, TYPE SS & RS.

what the F***??? is Yamaha tryin to do???

Are they out of their F***** Minds???

Apne haath se apne pair pe kulhari maar raha hai.....

Payeng said...


thanks for the link bro..

@ Krishna,

The type J.A that you have seen must have been the remaining stock.. Oficially only the Graffitti and the Type-SS/RS are on sale now.

Anonymous said...

i want to altered my stunner bike with some different style

Neo said...

Wow! great to see the rider getting his knee down. Really exciting! Gr8 work yamaha. Now get us R15 fast :D

bambang said...

stop commuting and start sport-biking... on 125cc bike

yeah right

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