Mar 25, 2008

11 Bajaj Discover 135 DTSi [Test Ride/Review]

Test Ride/Review of the Discover 135 DTSi..

This test ride was taken 3 months back when I was in Bangalore. The reason for the delay in publishing this test ride experience was that virtually every other bike at that point of time felt under powered to me. I was unable to really differentiate the experience from the test ride of the Discover 135 from the other 150 cc bikes.

The Reason: I had got too used to riding my Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi.

The Discover 135 with 13.10 Ps is actually slightly more powerful than the Original (1998) Hero Honda CBZ..!!

After shifting to Gurgaon, 3 months have passed without my bike. Of late I have realized that slowly I have again become sensitive towards the small differences in power and handling characteristics of bikes starting right from 100cc.

Anyway, let me recollect and try to summarize briefly about the test ride experience of the Discover 135 DTSi.

Bajaj Discover 135 DTSiTest Ride Review of the Discover 135 DTSi

Without further ado, I'll directly go to the negatives and positives of the Discover 135 DTSi..

Negatives: Even though the bike has a bigger capacity engine and more power than 125 cc bikes, one look at the Discover 135 cc DTSi will convince you that it is a commuter oriented bike.

A few 125 cc bikes like the Yamaha Gladiator and the TVS Flame look much sportier that the Discover 135 DTSi. Moreover like a typical commuter oriented bike, the Discover 135 sports just 4 gears.

Also at high revs the Discover 135 felt a bit rough.

Positives: The top end version comes with electric start, disc brakes, exposed O-ring sealed chain, 100/90 section rear tyres (as fat as Pulsar 150/180 rear tyres), Gas Filled "Nitrox" rear shock absorbers. The all black paint to the engine, suspension and alloys is standard across the 3 variants of the Discover 135.

The Pick up was impressive and the bike even did not sputter even at speeds as low as 30 Kmph in 4'th (top) gear. The disc brakes had impressive grunt and the gearbox was better than the ones on the Pulsar 150/180.

The shock absorbers did the job of pampering your back quite admirably. Handling was decent too and the bike felt quite flickable.

Bajaj Discover 135 DTSi Test Ride

Bajaj Discover 135 DTSi Tech Specs

    Engine Type: 4 Stroke natural air Cooled DTS-i
    Engine Capacity: 134.21 cc
    Maximum Power: 13.10 Ps @8500 rpm
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 10.0L (2.3 Reserve)

    Front Suspension: Telescopic (135 mm travel)
    Rear Suspension Hydraulic shock absorbers/Gas filled Shock absorbers

    Wheels: Alloy Wheel
    Tyre (Size): Front- 2.75X17",42P Rear: 100/90X17", 52P

    Wheel Base: 1305 mm
    Brakes: Disc in front and rear Drum type (130 MM dia)

Someone who is not looking for a 150 cc bike,

Wants a commuter oriented bike,

Need more grunt than the current 125 cc bikes

Can live with 4 gears..

Should definitely consider the Discover 135 DTSi..

Price: The Discover 135 DTSi is available in three variants.
  • Rs. 48,600 (Ex showroom Delhi) Front Disc/Self Start/Nitrox Shock Absorbers/Open O-Ring Sealed Chain

  • Rs. 46,600 (Ex showroom Delhi) Front Drum Brakes/Self Start

  • Rs. 43,600 (Ex showroom Delhi) Front Drum Brakes/Kick Start

Colors: There seem to be three color options:
  • Blue with Light Blue Stickers

  • Black with Magenta Decals

  • Black with Blue Decals

Conclusion: The Discover 135 with 13.10 Ps @8500 RPM is actually slightly more powerful than the Original 1998 Hero Honda CBZ (the bike that started the sporty 4 stroke bike segment in India). But I am glad that the Discover 135 DTSi doesn't even try or pretend to be a Performance Oriented bike.. and remains happy to be identified as a commuter bike.

After all when there are 150 cc bikes with around 14-15-16 Ps of Power, its better to be positioned as a commuter oriented bike.

Who should buy the Discover 135 DTSi..??

The Discover (old 125 and the new 135) has been one of the most common sights among the 125-135 cc bikes at least in "Gurgaon-Delhi and in Bangalore". Also according to the showroom guys at Bangalore, the demand for the top end variant of the Discover 135 DTSi is more than the demand for the lower variants.

Someone who is not looking for a 150 cc bike, wants a commuter oriented bike, need more grunt than the current 125 cc bikes and can live with 4 gears should definitely consider the Discover 135 DTSi.

It is a bit costilier than the current 125 cc bikes but the 150 cc bikes costing around 9,000-10,000 more than makes the Discover 135 DTSi, makes it a sensible option as well.

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Anil Kumar said...

Good looking bike but don't you think it misses the 5th gear considering the amount of power it produces.

Payeng said...

Actaully the 4 gears makes sure that the number of gear changes in slow moving traffic is less..

But yes, a 5'th gear would have been nice especially on open highways.. Maybe the Discover 150 DTSi (shown at Auto Expo 2008) will have 5 gears..

Anonymous said...

[BORAT]: This bike is ugly.... NOT!

I like it... niiiccceee

aron said...

which is better tvs flame,discover 135 dtsi or yamaha after sales servicing bad...pls comment

Saurabh said...

Hi Payeng
Sorry bro but i am leaving for about 1 monthaway from home.I would like to know that if i want to keep my bike(Discover 135 O-Ring) idle for a month,what care should i take before leaving home.Please suggest me as quickly as possible.
Any other bro wants can also give me a tip.He and his tip will be surely acknowledged.
With regards
Saurabh Dwivedi

Saurabh said...

Brothers Help Me!! Please see my previous comment.

Anonymous said...

what is bajaj discover top speed

Prathmesh said...

no average in dis bike pick up....

Anonymous said...

To my dear Kawasaki Philippines! who adopted Bajaj motorcycle. As i have read from other comments, after sales is really important to keep our motorcycle always in good please do something about it! So please in your plant at sucat paranaque accept also servicing not only a warranty customers.

Anonymous said...

[BORAT]: This bike is ugly.... NOT!

I like it... niiiccceee

Anonymous said...

I am about to purchase a bike and I am fascinated with ther discover dts-i which I wrongly read as "discoverer". I really love to have this bike. I love to experience the worst of this bike as some people said. thanks.....

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