Feb 14, 2008

29 New 2008 Yamaha Gladiator Type-SS (Stylish & Sporty) Pics/Images and Details.. with Wallpapers

Details of the New Features on the 2008 125 cc Yamaha Gladiator Type-SS (Stylish & Sporty)

Yamaha Gladiator Type SS Wallpaper

Wallpaper: 1280 X 960

Visible Changes:

  • Racing Cowl (Engine Cover)

  • Lowered Front Fairing

  • Half Chain Cover

  • O-Ring Chain Drive

  • Semi-Flat Handle Bar

  • Handle Bar End

  • R1 Type Handlebar Grips

  • Brushed Aluminium Handle Crown

Yamaha-Gladiator Type SS New Features

  • MRF Zapper Tyre Front

  • MRF Zapper Tyre Rear

  • New Design Front Fender

  • New Design Rear Fender

2008 Yamaha Gladiator Type-SS Wallpaper

Wallpaper: 1280 X 960

  • Aluminium Die Cast Front Footpegs

  • Aluminium Die Cast Rear Footpegs

  • Tachometer

  • Toe Type Gear Shifter

  • Larger Seat

  • Dimple Type Seat Cover Material

  • R1 type front Turn Indicators

  • Exhaust Heat Shield made of Special Resin Material

  • Exhaust Can End Piece with a "Machine Gun" Type Design

Yamaha Gladiator Type-SS Wallpaper

Wallpaper: 1280 X 960

Some Changes which are not visible:

  • High Flow Paper Air Filter for improved performance

  • Clutch Improvement for longer clutch life

  • Steering Column Seal for smooth steering

  • Special Material on the Front Forks to prevent Oil Leakages

  • Lighter Alloy Wheels

  • New Cam Chain for silent operation and longer life

Power output remain the same as the older Gladiator but the new Type-SS will come at an Aggressive Price..!!

[Review of the Test Ride Experience of the New Gladiator Type-SS has been covered in the next post]


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ashes_dad said...

YAMAHA is now understanding the real performance biking not only in 150cc segment but in 125cc segment too.
-new Gladiator(nice features,will help in better sales)

Raj said...

Seems like YAMAHA intends to manufacture some R1 parts locally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Payeng,

First of all congrats for being one of few for getting the opportunity to test ride glady

No doubt now the SS will be the best looking "BIG BIKE" in 125 cc category. I would like to know how would you rate the glady engine as compared to shine's engine. ( looking that shine can start in any gear, can be driven even at low speeds in 3rd gear for city traffic, refinement, etc.)

Sajal Chakraborty said...

This babe surely looks good and it's even great that Yamaha is taking design cues from the King!!

I would be really excited to see this competing with the Bajaj Xceed Sprint. It should be close call with Gladiator being from the stables of the Yamaha with refined features for a 125 cc bike and Sprint being a four cylinder engine and design cues out of this world

road-yo said...

Nah, still doesn't cut it.

ajay said...

yamaha gladiator SS version will be a hit among 125cc with great looks and design.but what would be the aggresive price of this version?

Anonymous said...

YAMAHA sux. here in malaysia nobody buys them. i bought one and am stuck with it. the engine is simply hopeless. when i went to chennai in dec07 i tested a tvs apache and it was brilliant. i think even honda, suzuki and bajaj rox.

just stay away from a sucky yamaha. don't regret after buying

Anonymous said...

the bike luks gud n is a worthy addition in the 125cc segment!!...gr8 goin, yamaha!!

4 cylinder engine!!..[:D]

kri$hna said...

Hi Payeng....
I envy u man.. u get to ride all new vehicles eh... great going and nice review of the bike.. become a regular visitor on ur blog for the info u give!! mannnnn is it possible fr u to refer me in !!! i m serious... quitin at IT job for passion is not a big deal !! on feb 14 romancin wid a beauty bike is better than romancin wid a menacin code and pc ! serious buddy

Jonson said...

wat wud be da approx cost of dis bike plzzzzzzz let me kno nd when it wud be launched !!!!!!!!!

Payeng said...


Thanks for the kind words bro.. but do you seriously want to quit IT..??

The Auto Sector might look Glamourous from the other side of the fence.. but right now it is IT which pays you better.


the Ex-Showroom price of the Type-SS is around Rs.46,350

Jonson said...

Thanks a lot for the information bro !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Glady looks smashing. very nice design bits, quality stuff, for the quality conscious bikers.For that price the best city commuter so far.

Anonymous said...

But, what about the after sales service?? I've a yamaha gladiator and the service is quite pathetic.

If there is something that yamaha needs to look in then it should be after sales service and the advertising.. Whenever I suggest yamaha to anyone their service comes into question and I've to agree with them (even if the bike is good).

Anonymous said...

with yamaha improving in its 125 section and with great looks performance and agrasive pricing do u think it can compete pulsar 150 and other a50 bikes.

Prakul said...

I am ever wondering that what could be the Yamaha statergy behind exploring SS and RS differntly ... even, as the matter of fact they hold very minute differce inbetween.....

Payeng said...


more option for the customer to choose from.. more sales for Yamaha India.

Ansar said...

hi! iam a very big fan of YAMAHA..iam having 2bikes of YAMAHA..one is RX135cc & th other is FAZER125cc..from both i love to ride in RX135cc..its have a power in it.. so iam looking forward for R15..lets hope the best...plzz do open the lifestyle YAMAHA in mumbai..plzz iam eager to visit ...thanks alot..best of luck R15....vrroooooooooooooommmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

day before day only i purchase the yahama type ss, it's a Excellent Bike. I think this is the best bike in 125cc segment. I lov Yamaha. if ur compare with honda this is the best..

Anonymous said...

hi all
can anyone suggest the best among honda shine and yamaha gladiator in terms of long-term performance and engine durability? also which is more sturdy in indian conditions? and who has better after-sales service and easy availability of spare parts?

Anonymous said...

yamaha gladi ss Nagpur & mumbai shworrom price
& avrage

Binaya Ratna Shakya said...

I have recently purchased Gladiator SS (Black) and it is very good... in performance and looks... I am loving it......

Anonymous said...

I like everything about this bike except one thing that is gear shifting it is troubling me when I test ride it. It is not comfartable to bring it up, pressing down ok for first gear and then you need to lift it up by putting your feet under the gear shift. how you guys feel about this .....???

darshan said...

He guys,good review aboutthe glady; I to have one SS. Does anybody know how much does a Air filter costs?

prathap said...

hi yamha com

prathap said...

hi yamha com

darshan said...

He guys,good review aboutthe glady; I to have one SS. Does anybody know how much does a Air filter costs?

Prakul said...

I am ever wondering that what could be the Yamaha statergy behind exploring SS and RS differntly ... even, as the matter of fact they hold very minute differce inbetween.....

Jonson said...

Thanks a lot for the information bro !!!!!!!

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