Jan 8, 2008

6 Visited Auto Expo Today, Stalls are being prepared: Part-2 [Honda/Suzuki/TVS/Yamaha]

Visited Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and TVS pavilions at the Auto Expo 2008..

The pavilions for Honda (HMSI), Suzuki, Yamaha, and TVS are situated in hall no. 7. Construction work was going on in these halls as well. Here is what I saw in these Pavilions..

    Honda: Honda seems to be more serious in launching a new scooter called the "Aviator". The models were practicing the launch/unveiling of the "Aviator" on the stage.

    "9'th January 2008 is reserved for the Press Only.

    I hope that I would be able to visit the Auto Expo on the 10'th of January.. and get all the details of the new launches"

    There was a flat screen display on stage where the products were being displayed. Apart from the Scooter "Aviator", I remember seeing a motorcycle called the "Concept CBF" on the electronic screen. The Concept CBF has a monoshock rear suspension and a half fairing like the Hero Honda Karizma and the Bajaj Pulsar 220. The engine looked very much similar to the Honda Unicorn. But since the name itself suggests that it is a concept, it probably is just a show bike.

    All the bikes were kept under covers. But I did manage to see a few bikes as they were polishing the bikes one by one. I got to see a few imported big Honda Bikes viz. the CBR and the Hornet..!!

    Suzuki: The Suzuki Pavilion is bang opposite to the Honda Pavilion. The bikes were being unloaded and put on their display zones. I got to see the Hayabusa, B King, GSX R 1000, Bandit S and a Dirt Bike which probably had a 400 cc engine.

    Did not get to see any new domestic launches when I was there.

    Yamaha: The Yamaha Stall was under construction and there were no bikes present there.. But I did get to see the "Layout Map" of the Yamaha Pavilion. On the Layout Map I could see the space reserved for a Yamaha RX100and RD350 along with the R1 and the MT-01 models. The rest was coded and therefore couldn't make out what they stood for.

    TVS: The TVS pavilion had a few bikes which were heavily covered with paper and plastic. But i could make out that those bikes were the 125 cc Flame and the 160 cc Apache.. Couldn't get a closer look to figure out whether there was an Apache RTR 160 "Fi" around.

I was cursing myself for not taking the camera along. But with covers on most of the bike, the photos wouldn't have been of any value either.

9'th January 2008 is reserved for the Press Only. I hope that I would be able to visit the Auto Expo on the 10'th of January.. and get all the details of the new launches.

Due to the lack of time I couldn't find and visit the Hero Honda pavilion.


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ashes_dad said...

"Due to the lack of time I could find and visit the Hero Honda pavilion."

i could 'not' find

you got that one wrong dude.

Payeng said...

Opps.. again another typo..!!

Thanks for keeping an eye bro.

kri$hna said...

hii payeng !! i m waitin for another update if in case u happen to visit the expo again !! i wanna see wats in store for us bikers this year from Bajaj and Hero Honda !! By the way hws ur p220 experience gng on??

Payeng said...

Sure Kri$hna,

Count on me to provide all the details of the Auto Expo 2008..

By the way my P220 is still in Bangalore.. Have to get it transported to Gurgaon soon

kri$hna said...

how are you going to get it transported?? train?? I guess u shd drive it down !! :-) asli fun !! By the way urs is a very good blog buddy ! i liked it jus for the amount of info u pack in. Gud way to go.. i hav jus strtd bloggin but seldom find time to write out gud articles. i appreciate the time you spend to provide us the info. good luck.
When u hav time off, jus take a look at my blog --> www.pulsar220elite.blogspot.com .. though not very gud its jus my effort towards bloggin !! hope u give me some suggestions!

road-yo said...

This Expo is gonna be the 1st one since blogging became the phenomenon it is today. I'm expecting very good coverage from authentic enthusiasts like you Satadal.

Thanks in advance ;-)

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