Jan 8, 2008

4 Visited Auto Expo Today, Stalls are being prepared: Part-1 [Bajaj to display a 4 Wheeler..!! + Pics of the Bajaj Car]

Bajaj will display a Small Concept Car along with Bikes from KTM and Kawasaki..!! Three New 2 wheelers to be launched in 2008

Today I Went to Pragati Maidan, the venue of Auto Expo 2008. I got a Sneek Peek at the stalls being prepared for the 9'th Auto Expo 2008.

Here is the first hand account of what I saw at the Bajaj Pavilion..

Bajaj Pavilion: The Bajaj Pavilion is at hall No. 3. Construction work was still going on while the display bikes which were positioned at their place. I must state here that I did not get to see even one of them completely since all of them had covers on them.

The Bajaj Pavilion has..

# Zone for Bajaj Bikes

# Zone for KTM Bikes

# Zone for Kawasaki Bikes

# Center enclosure for Bajaj 4 Wheeler Display..!!

Three new bikes for 2008..

# A 125 cc XCD Sprint (With 4 valves and disc brakes)

# A Discover 150 DTSi

# 125 cc Scooter called Blade

But I did get a feel as to what to expect from the Bajaj Pavilion. The Bajaj Pavilion has a circular shape and is divided into three zones, each with a different color. The Blue Zone has Bajaj Logo on it, the Orange Zone has KTM Logo on it and the third Zone wich is a mixture of two colors (Black and Red) has Kawasaki Logo on it..!!!

So gentlemen, expect bikes of KTM and Kawasaki bikes to be displayed along with the Bajaj Bikes..!!

    Bajaj Zone: The Bajaj Zone had seven bikes on display (under covers)..

    KTM Zone: The KTM Zone had five bikes on display and I could peek under on of the covers of one and culd make out that it was a dirt bike. Don't have any idea about the rest of the bikes. Also there were KTM Branded Aparallel (Riding Jackets/Gloves/Duffel Bags/Back Packs/Racing Suits/Riding Jackets) on display.

    Kawasaki Zone:The Kawasaki Zone had five bikes on diaplay. Saw the Petal shaped front disc brakes of one which looks like the Ninja 250..!!

    Center Zone: The center of the Bajaj Pavilion had a glass enclosure which had a round turn table in it. My best guess is that Bajaj is going to show its 4 Wheeler Concept in it..!!

Here are the first pics of the Bajaj 4 Wheeler Concept (Source Rediff.Com) . More pics of the car and details can be obtained from Rediff.Com.

Bajaj 4 Wheeler Concept

Bajaj 4 Wheeler Concept

Bajaj to launch 3 new 2 wheelers in 2008:

There is news that Bajaj is going to launch 3 new 2 wheelers in 2008. These would be..

  • A 125 cc XCD DTS-i Sprint (with 4 valves and front disc) for more power

  • Discover 150 cc DTS-i.. and

  • A 125 cc scooter called Blade

Hopefully these new bikes will be on display in the Bajaj Pavilion.


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Rajesh said...

Fantastic job......you are the MAN!!
Even before the expo could start you have started giving good news mate. Thanks a lot.
-Arokia Rajesh

Sajal Chakraborty said...

A good friend of mine at the Gym said that he also thinks that the Bajaj should be a great car.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Bajaj has fit the concept car in his own 3 wheeler frame...

Anonymous said...

hi. im sajalmj bajuhj

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