Jan 9, 2008

15 Concept Bike from Honda (HMSI) @ Auto Expo 2008

Pics of the Concept bike from Honda India (HMSI)..

Here are the Pics (Courtesy XBHP.Com) of the Concept Bike from Honda India (HMSI) called the Concept CBF which will be on display at the HMSI Pavilion (at Hall No. 7) in Auto Expo 2008..

Honda Concept CBF Sports

Honda Concept CBF Sports

Honda Concept CBF Racing

Honda Concept CBF Racing

Please note that the bikes shown above are "Concept" Bikes which means that the chances of these bikes making it into the production line most probably is slim.

Why is it there then..?? To gauge public reaction..??


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Sajal Chakraborty said...

Nice body work, but the question here is if it's a "Concept" sports bike from Honda, then why this bike lacks the concept of rear mono-shock??

Except for the body work, the bikes don't seem to fall really in the genere of "Sports" or "Racing". Well I might be wrong but that's what I feel by looking at the images.

Anonymous said...

the CBF racing looks like a mod zma

gearhead said...

the one in the honda racing colours looks more or less production ready...chances of actually going into production is anybody's guess

Rajesh said...

I think one more copycat is there...


check it out.


ashes_dad said...

can you tell me what is engine capacity of these concept bikes and is honda going to use these engines in domestic market?

and i think the second concept looks a little like krizma;the disc brake, the grab rail,the front fairing and the engine looks similar to karizma.

GAGAN said...

hmmm...i like that rear rise....but the whole thing is spoiled right in front...damn!!

Bhaiti said...

CBF Sports...well, sculpture is good seems like a Ducati styled from this angle.Dual nitrox shox in a single styled swing arm? Attractive frontal disc, is that powerplant from ZMA? I think the front wheel mudguard is no mudguard for India. The upside down front shox and the front disc impress me.A golden coloured front shox and the rear shox(the black portion) would be my taste.

Bhaiti said...

CBF Racing..dont it feel like a misleading name? Seems like the same old unicorn with dual rear shox with a ZMA faring,rear viewfinder mirror position, exhaust design and colour scheme seems like history oriented rather than a futuristic/radical concept, hey the bike in the rear with that massive wheel and swing arm and the radical design impress me, can you figure out that bike's name and co.

Payeng said...

The Honda Officials there told clearly that these were Concept Bikes and at present they have no plans to produce them.

These are Concepts Bikes.. therefore there is no meaning about the engine cc here.. since these won't be produced.

The Bike being the CBF Sports Concept of the Honda RCV Racing Bike.. Pics of it can be found on the internet.

@ Rajesh,

That site looks like to be a blog aggregator site.. I think that Ok.

Nabil said...

What are the specifications of this bike????plz upload

Payeng said...


That's a concept bike.. Just a Concept.

No specs bro.

sudha1979 said...

hi this is sudhakar,

Guys please let me know when TWISTER is going to launch in india

Aakash said...

The looks of the bike are good and very sporty, however I think the things that this bike lacks are the Honda trademark monoshock suspension. In my opinion the cubic capacity (cc)should not be less than 200, the other thing that this bike lacks is the twin cylindered powerhouse. The picture clearly depicts it to be single.

Anonymous said...

Looking Great

Abhijeet khanna said...

hey very 'nice' concept but is it possible to hav a sport concept stunner into chattisgargh plz tell me i'wanna hav it soon as possible [abhijeet]

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