Jan 10, 2008

20 Auto Expo 2008 Coverage: Yamaha India + Yamaha YZF-R15 Wallpaper

Yamaha drops a BOMB in the "desi" two wheeler market..!! Unveils the YAMAHA YZF-R15 in Auto Expo 2008..!!


1024 X 768 Size Wallpaper

According to the Yamaha guys present there, this bike should soon make it into the Indian Market soon...

The Yamaha YZF-R15 sports a Full Fairing with Twin Headlamps, has a "Delta" Frame and a "Water Cooled" Engine, a Monoshock Rear suspension and a 6-Speed gearbox. I am not quite sure whether the YZF-R15 features Fuel Injection (will clarify and post about it later).

"The Official Word/Confirmation for the Tech Specs (BHP) for the YZF-R15 is still not out.."

The specs that a Yamaha guy standing at the Yamaha Pavilion at the Auto Expo told me for the YZF-R15 was..

  • Engine Capacity: 150 cc

  • Maximum Power: 16 BHP

  • Price: Rs. 90,000

But let me tell you that the Official Word/Confirmation for the Tech Specs for the YZF-R15 is still not out. Even the Yamaha Weblink for the YZF-R15 doesn't say anything about the engine capacity and the Max. Power figures.

The Tech Specs for the YZF-R15 available at the Yamaha Website are:

  • Tyre Front: 80/90 - 17 inch tubeless

  • Tyre Rear: 100/80 - 17 inch tubeless

  • Brakes: Front- Disc, Rear- Disc

  • Fuel Tank: 12 Litres

  • Wheelbase: 1290 mm

  • Min Ground Clearance: 160 mm

The YZF-R1 has a cover for the Pillion Seat, which when put on makes it a Single Seater. Sweet..!! Also the "Exhaust Can" is good looking and enhances the looks of the YZF-R15 further.

Yamaha YZF-R15

Cover for the Pillion Seat makes it a Single Seater.

The Tail light could have improved in design though and a fatter 120 section rear tyre (like the Pulsar 200,220) instead of the 100/80 could have gelled with the looks of the bike better.

Yamaha YZF-R15

Tail Lamp and the 100/80 section Rear Tyre

"I salute Yamaha for not resorting to another half hearted attempt. This time the YZF-R15 definitely looks like a genuine and honest attempt..!!"

The Yamaha YZF-R15 when launched is without doubt going to be the Best Looking Bike in India. The YZF-R15 is laden with all the features that any desi biker could ask for.

My only concern would be that this beauty deserves at least a 180 cc engine and should belt out at least 18 BHP to do justice to it's sports bike looks. 16 BHP would actually be a little dissappionting.

Lets wait for the Official Confirmation for the engine capacity and the BHP figures. But I salute Yamaha for not resorting to another half hearted attempt. This time the YZF-R15 definitely looks like a genuine and honest attempt..!!

I hope that it is more than 16 BHP..


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Bhaiti said...

If Bajaj wanna give an attack to the TATA's people's car, I think TATA should also prepare a 600+ class bike and yet cost less than p220 (tehee).TATA nano-small is big, TATA's 2wheels-big is small(Ahem)

Kedar Parikh, said...

Nice pics buddy.

Can you please confirm the BHPs ??

I am not much worried about the ccs. I just hope it has more power. 16 seems to be too less as compared to what we have been hearing so far.

Ne ways good job.

nEo said...

Nice updates from AutoExpo! Can u post a side view of R15 (with out the lady :D). And if you post it, can i use it in my blog? :) Watermarked/with link/credit to 2wheelsindia.

I am not lucky as you are , to be in Delhi @ this time!! :P

Payeng said...

Sure Neo.. Just e-mail me.

I'll send a pic to you.

Sajal Chakraborty said...

Yummmmmy pic!!!!!!
Yummmmmy bike!!!!!
but not so yummmmmy specs :-(

first_synn said...

Hmmm.. whoever mentioned the power figures was just being politely conservative. The word that is being hushed around is that it is closer to 20 PS.

nEo said...

Thanks Payeng.. I've sent a mail..

Panduranga said...

Hey bro, finally the rumours turning to be true ha?? It sure will be an amazing machine. Would want know more. Try to get some more info bro.. Anyways, CHEERS..

Panduranga said...

Hey bro, finally the rumours are turning out to be true ha?? This surely will be one awesome machine. Would love to know more about it, pls try to get some more deatils bro.. Cheers..

Payeng said...

I agree that this machine begs to have an output of 20 BHP..

But looks like Yamaha Officials are themselves trying to figure out the final Power Output for this machine.

But don't you think 20 BHP on a 150 cc machine will put too much stress on the engine..?? A 200 cc engine with 20 bhp would have been perfect according to me.

All we can do right now is wait and see..

first_synn said...

Too much stress? That's barely 135 BHp/ Litre. Modern-day motorcycles are pushing 200 now.

My honest opinion about this motorcycle is to once and for all forget the "CC" classification.

Payeng said...

Have to agree with you on that Synn..

lets hope that Yamaha would now lead the way.

beamboy said...


check the specks of similar yamaha 125cc bike above.. its 15ps.

how illogical is it put 16bhp bravely.whoever did this please do some research.
this bike is being launched all over the world. it is a competitor to honda cbr which is itself a commercial 150cc bike with 17 bhp power.
honda's competition to yamaha 125cc given in the link above produces only 13ps..yam has 2 ps edge there itself.
this is fully sporty "no compromise" race bike for the road.
yamaha is not telling the specs because they are thinking globally.

it will be around or more than 20ps.
admin please google stuff before posting stuff..

Anonymous said...

Its ultra cool.
Now the tougher days for pulsar n karizma have started.

Payeng said...

Pipe down BeamBoy,

I know these figures (quoted by you about the YZF-125) very well..

I was just quoting the 16 bhp figure what the Yamaha Official at the Yamaha Pavilion at the Auto Expo told me..

Please read the entire post. Haven't I stated that the Official Coinfirmation about the Power Output is yet to come..??

krishna said...

hey wot about yamaha fz 150 is it launching in india i heard from the near dealer that it wil launced for deepavali

Payeng said...

The FZ 150 is another stunner from Yamaha Motors..I post pics of the FZ 150 tomorrow..

On inquiring about the FZ 150, Yamaha officials just told me that right now the can't tell anything.

But I hope that they do launch something like that..

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the Gorgeous Yamaha FZ 150

Maximus said...

i don care about the specs!!! this could actually be the first "YAMAHA" type lookin' Yamaha bike...and at 90k...i think it would be a bargain to buy this baby...i mean if people really want more power...tweak it! Thank YOU for postin this!!

Anonymous said...

With only SOHC and redline Rpm just under 11.000, my guess is the power would not bigger than 16hp..CBR actually produce 18,9HP (2006-present models)

sagar said...

I felt that R15 is extra ordinary but while surfing the net i saw R125 which is amazing and then I looked at R15 and felt that Yamaha is not doing Justice to India……. Please
go through the attached like and you yourself check how good is R15 compared to R125 looks wise.

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