Jan 13, 2008

15 Auto Expo 2008 Coverage: Yamaha FZ-150 Sexy "Prototype" from Yamaha India

Yamaha India shows a Ultra Sexy Prototype called the FZ-150 in Auto Expo 2008.. Will this one make into production..??

The Yamaha FZ-150 "Prototype" shown @ the Auto Expo 2008

I have to apologize, since I am a bit late to cover this stunner called the FZ-150 which Yamaha India showed in Auto Expo 2008. This one is a "Prototype" which Yamaha India has conjured up by taking the DNA of the 1000 C.C FZ1...

But my lethargy was due to the fact that I wanted to cover those bikes first, which are production ready. The memory of the Yamaha Gladiator 150-165 cc "Prototype" is still fresh in my mind. The Gladiator 150-165 cc "Prototype" was another concept which was shown in Auto Expo 2006 but sadly never saw the light of the day. The other Yamaha product shown at the Auto Expo 2008, the YZF-R15 seems almost production ready and therefore I chose to cover that before the FZ-150.

The only change that Yamaha India needs to make in the FZ-150 is change the rear tyres from the impossibly fat (for a 150 cc) to normal ones for a 150 cc bike..

The FZ-150 "Prototype" shown in the Auto Expo 2008 has a 150 cc engine, carburettor (instead of fuel injection), fat rear tyres (about as big as Pulsar 200/220 rear tyres), air cooled engine (not liquid cooled like the YZF-R15), 5 speed gearbox (insted of a 6 speed one on the YZF-R15) and also the FZ-150 doesn't have the "delta" frame of the YZF-R15.

[Photo Credit for the last Pic: Ken Cool from XBHP.Com]

Maybe the only change that Yamaha India needs to make in the FZ-150 is change the rear tyres from the impossibly fat (for a 150 cc) to the ones found on the Pulsar 150's and the Apache's. Apart from the tyre change the looks of the FZ-150 should be left untouched.

The FZ-150 would look stunning even without that leggie "firangi" model on it. I don't see a reason as to why Yamaha India shouldn't launch it. The FZ-150 easily will easily overshadow the Pulsar, Apache RTR, CBZ Xtreme or the Hunk in the looks department.

And if performance if the name of the game, then the YZF-R15 should take care of it.

On inquiring about when can we expect the FZ 150 to appear in the market, the Yamaha Officials at the Auto Expo said that they had no clue. I just hope that the FZ-150 isn't just a "Prototype" but a mass production model to compete with the Pulsar 150, Apache RTR 150, CBZ X's and the Hunks.. and leave the YZF-R15 to take the niche position as the 150 cc performance king


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road-yo said...

Absolutely agree. If Yamaha puts this out into the market, I'm willing to buy. What a looker this machine is!

Jithin Saji said...

damn! i never knew this was a prototype.. thought it was production ready..shyaa!

Siddharth Soni said...

Whether Yamaha produces this bike or not, it's always a joy reading your blog... Keep it up.

ExhausTec said...

I firmly believe that the P220 needs a new set of clothes. While you say that your bike is a rage in Bangalore (now Delhi!!??, btw my cousin works with Raytheon) most of my women pals dont seem to think P220 is any more exciting in its looks - over and above the other Pulsars!! May be Bajaj can take a cue from this bike and perhaps launch the 2008 model of
P220 in an all new avatar! I own a 180 btw :)

sandeepbagchi said...

Looks gr8
it will be great if Yamaha puts the same mil of R15 in it.

But i would choose Kawasaki 250 over R15 and FZ15.

Payeng said...

Thanks everyone for chipping with your comments..

Thank you Siddharth bro

@Exhaust Tec

Can you give me the name of your Cousin..??

Bikes like the Karizma and the Pulsar 220 are relatively less in Delhi (NCR) region.. maybe its due to its huge size and population density compared to Bangalore.

So far I have seen just one Pulsar 220 and a few Karizmas..

By the way, my Fiancee can't tell a Pulsar from a Karizma and prefers cars to bikes.. So I guess I don't have to worry what women think..


@Sandeep Bagchi..

Thats makes two of us..

Sajal Chakraborty said...

Pyend Dude and ExhausTec Dude, have you guys seen the All Steel Version of the P220 @ Auto Expo. It's a smasher right from the word go!!!!

But ya I do also feel that the Pulsars now need a distinct Face Lift to remain Distinctly Ahead as the design is getting lost in it's own crowd.

Anonymous said...

Just a bit of correction mate. I was at the launch and also have the Yamaha press kit and this bike is not a prototype. Its a production-ready bike. Guess you might not have seen the expo on the Media day when the launching was done with senior officials speaking about plans and time of launch.

Payeng said...

Yes, I did not attend the Media launch (Coz I donot belong to the mainstream media)..

But the word "Prototype" for the FZ-150 has been used in Yamaha India's Official Website.

It was from there (Official Yamaha India Website) where I managed to get the pic of the FZ-150 without the female model.

Maybe the FZ-150 is slated for an India launch but probably there would be changes/modifications in the "Prototype" which has been displayed at the Auto Expo..

Lets wait and watch.

Anonymous said...

You are right mate about the website. Around November though is the launch time for this stunner. BTW...your coverage of the expo is very nice and you certainly deserv appreciation for your ongoing commitment for biking. Great job done. Cheers

Anonymous said...

The official site says FZ-150 will be launched during the Diwali season in India.

Anonymous said...

hi i m jitender
i was about to buy pulsar 200cc but after knowing that FZ150 is coming to india i m totaly confused bcoz i have to wait for it too long and wat abt price of it pls give some idia abt price of it in india

Anonymous said...

hi its rocking man and im confused whether to wait or to buy now

Payeng said...

There are absolutely no Official details about either the Tech Specs or the Price of the FZ150..

All that is going around is PURE Speculation..

Lets wait and watch till Diwali 2008

aadhu said...

when will the fz 150 be launched in india????

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