Jan 11, 2008

8 Auto Expo 2008 Coverage: Updates on these bikes coming soon..

The following bikes (displayed in the Auto Expo 2008) will be covered in detail in posts to come.. have a sneek peek

Kawasaki Ninja 250R for India

The odds of getting to see the 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R in Bajaj Probiking Showrooms is pretty high..!!

2 Variants for the Apache RTR Fi

Two Variants for the TVS Apache RTR Fi

Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi

Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi

Facelifted Yamaha Gladiator

Yamaha Gladiator gets a facelift


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Sajal Chakraborty said...

The Ninja looks ultra cool (except for the Green color). Well there goes another cool bike way out of pocket. Wonder if they have any plans for the ZX-14.

I think now I should really try out the Apache RTR FI.

For the Discover 150, my opinion is, it looks no way near to a Pulsar.

and above all for the Gladiator I guess if the free gift is really available. (sitting on the bike)

ashes_dad said...

u rock man u just simply rock payeng.i have never got so much detailed information of any expo.they just show cars on TV.i was thinking of buying a bike last week.but i thought i should wait for the expo.and my wait looks worthy now,after the pics and information u have posted.thanks a lot.waiting for ur next post.

Payeng said...

With humble apologies Sajal..

The the Color Green is what Kawasaki's are distinctly known for.. It like how Ferrari is know for the RED color..

If I happen to buy one, I won't think of anything other than the "Kawasaki Green"..!!


Sajal Chakraborty said...

Payeng dude!!!! where did this apologies thing cfept from...????

I second ashes_dad............u simply rock!!!!!

Raj said...

ah! you are so boring man...

You dont have any updates of two of the hottest bikes in expo, instead you choose to put up so many pics of Bajaj's boring products. There is no R15 neither there is Fz. Ninja 250 is the only thing that is good here... ah! thats because its relationship with Bajaj. lol!!!...

You are so so baised. I think i should delete your blog from my fav list.


Payeng said...

Hmm.. the Yamaha YZF-R15..??

If I am not wrong I published about it Yesterday..!!


who's biased now..??


Rajesh said...

Payeng, when are you ready to post the updates on the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, TVS Apache RTR Fi & Yamaha Gladiator? Do it already mate!! We are waiting!!!!
Do you have the KTM pics from the expo? If so, please do post it mate.
I would love to know about any updates on the p200 7 p220.
Thanks for all your meticulous work.keep it up!!!!

Its my life said...

Hi Payeng,
Please include Latest pics/color-options of TVS Flame in your 'To Be Updated' list.
Heard that there was a yellow Flame on display at the TVS stall in the EXPO.

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