Jan 19, 2008

7 Auto Expo 2008 Coverage: Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Pavilion @ Auto Expo 2008..

Royal Enfield had no new motorcyle models to display at the Auto Expo 2008. Instead the R.E pavilion at the Auto Expo had two "real" bikes on display and a few "real" Royal Enfield riders who were there to interact with the crowd.

Lady Rider on the Royal Enfield Bullet

Initially I did not get what Royal Enfield was trying to promote at the Auto Expo 2008. I went closer and saw that apart from the two bikes, there were two tents set up which had sleeping bags in them.

I realized that they were trying to create the image of "The Trip". I also saw that the enfield riders were ready to talk to anyone about their real life experiences on their steel steeds.

Royal Enfield @ AutoExpo 2008

A catalog was being distributed, which contained the details of the motorcycle models which Royal Enfield sells in India. They were also distributing a leaflet, which contained the road map of the places around delhi.. in case anyone wanted to join the "The Trip".

My Firend Kenny @ the R.E Pavilion

My friend Kenny (a Bullet Rider) @ the R.E pavilion

There were no models of the fairer sex clad in body hugging outfits, there were no dance routines, in fact there were no new bikes on display. Many guys would think "What the hell was Royal Enfield doing at the Auto Expo..??"

I asked one of the guys about the theme of their display, and the told me that they were there "to spread the spirit of Riding".

One of the things that prevent me from riding a bullet if my 5 ft 5 inch height. So when I saw that a petite lady (in the first photo) who is about 5 ft 2 inches ride a thunderbird with a slightly scooped seat, I was visibly impressed. When I spoke to her, she told me that if she could ride it, so could I.

Maybe after a few years I would like to settle down with a Royal Enfield Bullet.


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Mahima said...


Nice to see the review n the pics..!

Do let me know when u get ur royal enfield ;)

Mahima Nijhowne.

Payeng said...

Hi Mahima,

Thanks for checking my blog..

Thanks for allowing me to put your pic on my blog.. (I wasn't sure whether to put your name along with your pic.

I'll mail you the rest of your pics.

And yes, I will definitely let you know when I get my Royal Enfield..

Do keep in touch.

first_synn said...

Spirit of riding my brown ass...

When at a MOTOR Show, show MOTOR CYCLES. Leave the "spirit" elsewhere.

Sorry for the harsh words, but I am sick and tired of this company treating indian customers as third class citizens. The UCE is good for Birmingham but not for New Delhi, eh?


Payeng said...

I understand your frustration Synn..

That's exactly why I have said "after a few years"..

tan said...

hey payeng..
been going thru ur blog on n off.. very dedicated blogger u r i must admit.. keep it up..

am 5ft 5 too.. i ride a tbird.. stock.. no changes to seat nothing.. i knw its a bit of a hindrance.. but dnt let tat deter u man.. lotta ppl discouraged me from gettin one.. i was like bollocks..

n its sad tat enfield didnt have ne new bikes to display.. yes the theme was all nice n spirit of riding.. but whr the eff is the uce n fi bulls.. n wat abt aftermarket kits tat sell in the uk n not here.. this suxxxx.. RE.. wake up u bastards n make some bikes.. dnt sit on ur lazy asses..

Payeng said...


thanks bro.. one day I'll get my Royal Enfield..

But I suspect it will be a one way ride.. that's way let me ride the other bikes for some more time.

Keep Riding..

Mahima said...


Nice to see the review n the pics..!

Do let me know when u get ur royal enfield ;)

Mahima Nijhowne.

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