Jan 16, 2008

12 Auto Expo 2008 Coverage: High Resolution Pic/Photo of the Yamaha YZF-R15 [Wallpaper]

High Resolution Picture/Photo of the Yamaha YZF-R15 taken @ Auto Expo 2008

Yamaha YZF-R15

Yamaha YZF-R15

Will this bike make 20-22 bhp..??


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Rajesh said...

Let us asume it gives 20-22 bhp, doesn't 150cc with that much power mean more maintenance and less engine life?? Just a doubt!!!
By the way how confident are you that it makes to the indian market and if it does at what cost (approx.)?

Payeng said...

According to Bike enthusiasts and even Bike India Magazine (Jan 208 Issue) says that the R-15 will be the fastest Bike in India.. at around 140 Kmph top speed.

The R-15 is based on the liquid cooled 150 cc "Vixion", which is a bike sold in Indonesia by Yamaha without the Full Front fairing..

The "Vixion" in Indonesia makes around 15 bhp.. and is also very light at around 115-120 kgs.

If Yamaha India really wants to pump out 20-22 bhp from the same Vixion engine, then among other problems they will have to face the low quality of petrol sold in India. I can't really comment on the engine life.

I asked the Yamaha Officials in the Auto Expo Twice about the Power figures and both times they told me 16 bhp. They even told the same thing to a friend of mine.

Now I can't really say whether Yamaha India is playing safe by not commiting 20-22 bhp.

Lets wait and see. The bike should probably be out by this year in Diwali.

nilu said...

rajesh is right payeng. belting out 20-22 bhp from a 150 cc block will have some serious maintenance issues from the engine. plus i dont think indian fuels will allow such high compression ratios. the yamaha officials might be right in putting the power figure at a balanced 16 bhp.

Sajal Chakraborty said...

I guess Yamaha is the king when it comes to performance segment biking and if they claim a stat they will provide that!!!!

again...............I'm loving it!!

aneeshrgvn said...

hi.......thanks for the high res pics..please post the right side, rear and pic of the instrument console.thanks..

SATISH said...


Payeng said...

This are the launch dates according to the Press Release of Yamaha Motor India (taken from its website):

"YZF–R15 (to be launched)in the middle of the year and FZ (150) during Diwali festival around November"

About quality of Indian Fuels, Nilu should know better than most of us.. since he works in "Indian Oil"

nilu said...

nicely put payeng, i do work in Indian Oil, and i know about the quality of fuels. when petrol leaves the refinery, its minimum octane number is never below 92 and its always ultra low sulphur fuel.
But by the time it reaches the bunkers, it might be a different story. i cant comment on that :-)

gaurav said...

it would b the sexiest bike in india
bye the way when it going to launched in india and whats the approximate value of it

Sajid said...

Hi there this is Sajid from US-New York But My Home Town is in Mumbai.I have seen the new R15 in Preview on Internet but i want to know that does this bike will give the same Ride and Speed that the Real Yamaha R1 Exisit . This is why i am Asking because i am Rididng R1 Yamaha here in New York.So Comparing with it can that will be Possible.And if this happen's then this Bike is going to Smash my Favorate Bike's Named Pulsar + The One Which i am Riding now R1 Yamaha it Cost about $22000 US Dollar's.If this thing can beat it up so i will be the First to Buy it .......

Mark said...

I dont understand why people talk abt engine life in comparision with the quality of petrol.. Yamaha has always produced the best bikes, except for the recent ones like libero, g5 and stuffs. I had a yamaha rx100 and even my friends had the same, they used to complain abt their engines.. but i never had a problem as i used to fill her up in a single gas station and it used to go at the top speed of 145km/hr i hope that this bike also is one such of a kind.. even rd350 was good in india with certain people. I am just praying that this should just compete with the pulsar 220cc and should be the best in indian desi bikes.. by the way am a racer who goes just for bets.... :)

aneeshrgvn said...

hi.......thanks for the high res pics..please post the right side, rear and pic of the instrument console.thanks..

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