Jan 14, 2008

8 Auto Expo 2008 Coverage: Bajaj to Bring in Kawasaki Ninja 250R and KTM Bikes..!!

Exotic Bikes from KTM and Kawasaki will soon grace the Bajaj Probiking Showrooms..!!

The Bajaj Auto Pavilion had three Zones: The Orange Zone for KTM Bikes, Blue and White Zone for Bajaj Bikes and Green Zone for Kawasaki bikes. Hey.. isn't that color combo quite similar to out National Flag..??

It is almost confirmed that Two Bikes from KTM (the Duke 690 and the RC8) and the one from Kawasaki (the 2008 Ninja 250R) has been culled out for an India launch..!!

Details to be covered in subsequent posts.. till then enjoy the Pics..!!

Bajaj Auto @ Auto Expo 2008

Bajaj Pavilion had an all Chrome Panels and Back Body Pulsar 220 on display

KTM @ Auto Expo 2008

KTM Branded Biking Stuff will be available in Probiking Outlets..!!

Kawasaki @ Auto Expo 2008

Ninja 250 headed for India..!!

[To be Continued..!!]


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Sajal Chakraborty said...


road-yo said...

Sats, isn't this what you call 'chappar phaad ke', brother? I for one, am overwhelmed by the no of new variants/models/CBUs on the verge of being launched. The Indian biker truly never had it this good :-)

Payeng said...

Sajal, Road-Yo..

its the "desi" biking scene which is rocking..

Just a few months back I had written how the R1 was just a dream for a working class guy like me and how I woulld love something like the Ninja 250R..

And voila.. the Ninja 250r will no longer be just a wish.

Looks like Mr. Rajiv Bajaj himself has went through my post..!!


Its a great way to go gray and bald I'd say..!!

Anonymous said...

These KTM bikes looks older in terms of Yamaha super bikes...

Anonymous said...

Very good coverage, man!
Keep it up.

By the way, Payeng
what what u do if some water enter inside the bike tanky and gets mixed with d petrol?
Will u take out all the petrol?
will the water affect the bike's engine?

Payeng said...

If you suspect water has entered your tank, then do not start the bike and push it to your nearest mechanic..

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude for providing us with so much information in your blog. You are doing good for all the readers of your blog, i keep coming back to your blog everyday, its just so interesting.

Tarun said...

what is ex-showroom cost of Ninja 250R?

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